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Worst Tattoo Ever

Why? Again WHY?!!! Unless her Grandaddy was John Deere the first, but even if that was the case, why would you want a tramp stamp of your Grandpa? 22 more words


Vid of the Day: Ford Vs Dodge Redneckathon!

You better redneck-itnize what’s exactly in tarnation is happnin round these here parts!  That’s Bubba vs. Hairlip Steve.


Steve and Nina at The Campsite DAY 4

Even on day 4, the KMLE Country Thunder partiers go HARD. Steve and Nina have seen some redneck things that I didn’t even know existed. Check it out below. 56 more words


A princess, a Prince and the Fucking Redneck.

I’m not going to pretend that I’m perfect and that I have never been down this road. I have, but it’s not a road I know by heart. 354 more words

[WATCH] Redneck Chair Spin Goes Viral

Bored at work? Let your imagination run wild!

This guy took redneck to another level with his chair spin… and we love him for it!


Sooo, my life

So here’s how random my life is…
Get off work
Stop at mcdonalds with my girl
Chill in the parking lot
.. Redneck trucks parked backwards next to us… 246 more words