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True Stories in Redneck Living - Bubba's Heartburn

I live in a place where rolling, open fields of hay and soybean and dense, wild forest make up the landscape.  Wild blackberries and raspberries are picked to make sweet homemade jam, and missing teeth and missing fingers are as common as mud on a man’s jeans.  964 more words

Shenanigans And Adventures

Jeet yet? Yumpta?

Okay aside from the relatively high quality of the actual ink work, let’s see what we have here.

It’s a tattoo of legendary southern comic Larry The Cable Guy. 80 more words


Women love the hair!

So you walk into the hair salon and the words “Please give me the Rowlf from the Muppets special”, and ten minutes later you have the above hair. 15 more words


Straight as an Arrow

More additions to the odd and confusing signage I’ve found.

This time painted on the street.

Maybe y’all can help me figure these out.

Ummmm… which way do I go? 155 more words

The First King of Scotland

I rembee when I saw the movie Last King of Scotland I was disappointed. I was hoping to see how they would choose which dynasty to end with. 354 more words

Calvin Tucker's Redneck Racing - Nintendo DS

Nintendo DS Racing Games | Calvin Tucker’s Redneck Racing – Nintendo DS

Calvin Tucker’s Redneck: Farm Animal Racing Tournament is a wacky kart game with loads of typical redneck humor. 25 more words

Country songs....(Poem #6)

I know you think I am crazy,

but I love the sound of those crazy country songs,

the ones with a hint of everything,

a little twang…. 338 more words

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