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Today was Redshank day

Took advantage of a reasonable weather forecast for today and headed out to Abbotsbury Swannery to see if I could manage to get any pictures and wish the staff Happy Christmas before they close for the holidays. 47 more words



When human beings began to increase in number on the earth and daughters were born to them, the sons of God saw that the daughters of humans were beautiful, and they married any of them they chose. 132 more words

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Frampton Marsh

Into the sun

A setting sun over the Leigh Marshes in the Thames Estuary.  The high tide has just turned revealing the first ribbons of exposed mud along the edges of the salt-marsh.  141 more words


Pembrey, Birds and Autumn Light

The wales their forecast promised us a fair weekend. Cloudy but with sunny periods. What it didn’t forecast was the heavy showers, strong winds and a dropping temperature. 358 more words