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Affordability Crisis In Blue (Liberal) Cities (More Expensive Than Red (Conservative) Cities)

Jed Kolko of Trulia published an interesting article about politics and housing entitled “Blue Markets Face Bigger Housing Challenges Than Red Markets.” He found that liberal cities tend to be more expensive than conservative cities. 188 more words


Don't throw off Emperor Obama's Groove

(Before you read: I am registered republican, I was born Catholic, my health care insurance is through the roof, my parents own their own business, and I study journalism but seek BOTH sides of every story.) 464 more words


Homosexuals Want to Take Away your Rights

So I have decided to once again use an article from Redstate.com for my second blog assignment.  Streiff just keeps putting gold on this site.  Referring to my previous post on Muslim oppression, … 649 more words

'Crap!' Here's a 'head hurts' Common Core problem that sparked this warning from Erick Erickson [photos]

Head hurts and Common Core have become synonymous. RedState editor in chief, talk radio host and Fox News contributor Erick Erickson took to Twitter to give Common Core the business. 430 more words

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