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MEDITATION ~ both practical and ethereal

While my website is being rebuilt, please enjoy my blogsite.  Can contact me at ““ Facebook: Corri Coaching ““ LinkedIn: Corri Milner  ““ email: corrimilner@gmail.com ““ phone U.S.: 201-381-1344… 218 more words

Music Therapy for Physical and Mental Health

Listening to music may have you singing, dancing, or just relaxing, but research has found a variety of physical and mental health benefits as well. 492 more words


C.U.E. Tip: Foods that Help with Anxiety

Everyone experiences anxiety. We can experience fear, apprehension or worry, right before we publicly speak or when we’re running late to an appointment. Experiencing high levels of anxiety can affect the way we function and behave in our daily lives. 310 more words

Moving To End Domestic Violence

C.U.E. Tip - Music and Health

Our work for the W.O.M.A.N. Inc. community is rewarding, but can be equally stressful. Stress can lead to high blood pressure, depression, weight gain/loss, and it can decrease our ability to heal (not only physically, but mentally as well). 245 more words