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Waste Management, why is it important and what can you do?

Most people don’t realize how much waste they throw away every day. For example, if we are just looking at food, from uneaten leftovers to spoiled produce, shockingly, as much as half of the world’s food is wasted. 897 more words


Take Me Home

Enjoyed your meal out but can’t quite finish it? Ask for a Take Me Home box!

Around a third of food thrown away in restaurants is food left on plates at the end of a meal. 88 more words


Homemade Chicken Stock and Why It Makes Sense to Make Your Own

I know, I know, I hear you. Who has time to make your own chicken stock? Well the answer is: YOU DO! It might seem like a lot of effort but it is actually super easy. 357 more words


An Introduction to becoming Freegle

I first heard about Freecycle a very long time ago, around 2006 I think; it took me quite some time searching through and deleting a whole stack of emails before I really got the gist of how to work with it and finally mustered up the courage to try to contact someone for something which they were giving away. 432 more words

How To

Fighting my way out of plastic bags part 2

It has been a while… (This sounds confessional, and it is rather)
I have done ok! I have only failed once. I went to the supermarket and decided to buy more stuff than I planned to and needed the dreaded plakkie bags. 167 more words


How green is my bin store?

Bin stores are a bit of a mania for me. I regularly receive emails calling me to “sort out the mess” at any one of our multitudinous bin store areas. 208 more words


Zero Waste Week

There are a lot of initiatives online encouraging us to reduce or waste. This week happens to be the ‘The Zero Waste Week’. Here is some more information. 77 more words