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Pea Stick Protection

To prevent potential injuries, epsecially to eyes, from pea sticks or bamboo canes and to stop them poking holes in your polytunnel it is very important to cover the pointy end so that they cannot create any damage. 74 more words


10 simple green things everyone really should do today

This is slightly off topic for me, but is intertwined with the essence of the blog, so I hope you’ll forgive me. Now, I’m sure you all know this stuff already, but sometimes people do need to be told multiple times. 909 more words


Adaptation and Good Stress

Act like the apex predator you are.

There’s a reason human beings control so much of the biosphere. Our ability to use technology as leverage against environment has extended our range and population density far beyond what natural evolution would allow. 366 more words


Wake up, people!

We must have been in a trance. A trance that everybody was dancing to. And we’ve danced long enough. Some woked up earlier than others and it’s the responsibility of those who have woken up first to wake the rest up. 414 more words

Get The Life You Want

Growing Spinach and Basil

All enthused by a lovely day today and the lighter evenings I decided to get started! so I planted some spinach and some Basil.

For the spinach I used variety Amazon, which is a “short day” variety suitable for spring or autumn. 379 more words


Worm Farm, Vermicomposting

The basics of keeping a worm farm are easy. Explaining why you would want to have one is a little harder to justify to people, particularly family members. 646 more words