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A World Ruled by Meaning

Those who know of my intense interest in near-death experiences and past-life memories might be surprised to discover that, not so long ago, I was an atheist. 1,001 more words


Quibbles, clouds and stars

I have realized that my quibbles are not so much critical of what I have read or seen (like the Cosmos post 3/23/14) as an excuse to talk about broader issues.   389 more words

Skinner and Behaviorism

I had to write a response in my personality class to a Skinner paper. I can’t stand this asshole. He’s dry, he’s boring, he’s overly intellectual and he believes humans are robots. 1,023 more words

Experience I: The background world of potentially meaningful entities

I have in my garden a number of trees. There is a Rowan, a Fig, and an Acer among others. My favourite however is a Pin Oak. 2,373 more words


A Healthy Diet: How do we Know?

The question of what’s for dinner is not as simple as it used to be.

We are told to avoid sugars, gluten, and saturated fats, and to  1,592 more words

Public Health


Gee I really haven’t been keeping up with this blog.

This article is interesting in light of a talk I went to this week by professor… 1,473 more words

Reductionism, the greatest enemy of humanity

A lot of bad things have happened in the course of human history… slavery, mass killings and wars over petty bullshit that doesn’t matter. All of these things can be traced to an idea that has been kicking around in my head for a few years that one of my psychology professors who came from the clinical side talked about, reductionism. 419 more words