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Reductionism and the Limits of Science

I first began to participate on internet forums and chat groups as part of a research project. I had worked out in logic that Buddhist doctrine was almost certainly true, but still knew very little about it. 1,196 more words

What a wonderful world indeed

By Christopher Cudworth

Liberals and conservatives struggle for control of the cultural narrative. Over the last 30 years or so the two sides have unfortunately found very little common ground. 993 more words

Theology And Philosophy For The Post Modern Age


“A picture held us captive,” says Wittgenstein. The most stubborn picture is this:

The universe is composed entirely of matter. Matter is composed entirely of sub atomic particles. 253 more words

Wedgwood on the Compatibility of Naturalism and Irreducibility

An argument for the irreducible naturalism thesis is advanced in the next chapter, and Wedgwood’s intention is to show that irreducibility is compatible with naturalism, such that he is not arguing for naturalism, just for this compatibility thesis, and so assumes a strong version of naturalism, as by extension, if irreducibility is compatible with a strong version of naturalism it will also be compatible with weaker versions. 417 more words


Being Reductive About Sport (And How Silly It Is)

Some folks dislike sport. I use the word ‘dislike’ advisedly; the members of this cohort are not offering critical, politically tinged analysis of sport’s entanglement with big business and its value schemas; they are not exposing… 478 more words


The Uncertainty Principle Arguments and Implications

 Chaos was the law of nature. Order was the dream of man. 

Henry Adams

Our understanding of natural phenomena after the so called “scientific revolution” evolved through the application of logical reasoning to verifiable facts and data.
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