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Are sunsets “real”? Reducing reductionism

(Sunset over Yellow Waters Billabong, NT, Australia)

Before embarking upon what will be a discussion of the semantics of reductionism, I suppose I had better define one of the “basic” words in the title of this article: “real”. 1,359 more words


Systems Theory

By Gordon Rugg

Systems theory is about what happens when individual items are connected and become a system. “Items” in this context can be anything physical and/or abstract, which gives you a pretty huge scope. 3,503 more words


Daddy and Daughter

“Daddy, what is man?”

“Nothing but a combination of meat, water, and chaos, Dear.”


To be both Informative and Interesting

If you haven’t read David McCullough, you really should. He’s made history accessible to someone like me, who doesn’t have a naturally proclivity towards history. Where other historians use primarily a microscopic approach to research and writing, McCullough uses the oft-forgotten macro lens by constantly looking for the bigger picture. 1,111 more words


Plant biochemistry

Prediction: Dieticians in the future will be more like the modern day herbalists are now/ When you only look at vitamins, minerals, EFA’s, sugars, calories and proteins, you are missing out on a much more holistic awareness of plant food and it’s dynamism. 429 more words


Defining Reductionism

In a previous post, I explored the question of whether reductionism about causation is a barrier to the project of natural theology. The answer to that question, we discovered, depends on what it means to… 1,170 more words