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Suppose I Lose It

I enjoy listening to radio 4. It has become a most enjoyable habit as I get older: going to bed and listening to the world presented in full variety. 369 more words

Medical Humanities

"At Liberty" (cognitive screening)

A Scottish citizen, over the age of 65 years, recently wrote to a Parliamentarian with concerns about mandatory cognitive screening in Scotland’s acute hospitals.

Following this a helpful letter was received from the former Cabinet Minister for Health and Wellbeing, Alex Neil. 508 more words

Medical Writings

Tigers, leopards, and humans... It's complicated

When I was a kid and my brother moved out, I took over his room immediately. Why would we think that animals are any different? I am not against recovering threatened and endangered species obviously. 330 more words


On the (dis)unity of the sciences

by Massimo Pigliucci

As a practicing scientist I have always assumed that there is one thing, one type of activity, we call science. More importantly, though I am a biologist, I automatically accepted the physicists’ idea that — in principle at the least — everything boils down to physics, that it makes perfect sense to go after a “theory of everything.” 2,990 more words


Thursday, 20th November 2014

Tabloid, adj.

Pronunciation: /tablɔɪd/
Etymology: < tabl- (in tablet n.) + -oid suffix.

1. Compressed; concentrated, esp. in order to be easily assimilated; sensationalistic, populist, or reductive; of or resembling tabloid journalism. 18 more words


An Argument Against Bodies and Bundles by Stephen Wilke

From the roots of philosophy comes the question that resounds above almost every other question. It is a question that has vast implications on how we live our lives, and how we look at ourselves. 3,199 more words