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Thursday, 20th November 2014

Tabloid, adj.

Pronunciation: /tablɔɪd/
Etymology: < tabl- (in tablet n.) + -oid suffix.

1. Compressed; concentrated, esp. in order to be easily assimilated; sensationalistic, populist, or reductive; of or resembling tabloid journalism. 18 more words


An Argument Against Bodies and Bundles by Stephen Wilke

From the roots of philosophy comes the question that resounds above almost every other question. It is a question that has vast implications on how we live our lives, and how we look at ourselves. 3,199 more words


Emergence and Entropy

Science has been immensely successful in revealing the workings of the physical world. Understanding has come from dissection of systems, that is to say by reductionism.  277 more words


The Whole is More than the Sum of Its Parts: Chaos Theory and Family Medicine

 by Ben Wilson

Open a new browser tab and check your favorite weather forecast website or app. Right now.

How many days in the future does it go? 1,004 more words

Revisiting the "Rolling wheel problem"

More than four years back I had posed (through a (blog) post) a question. The basic question was when you try to make a wheel (with a very narrow width) stand it falls, as it cannot balance itself. 936 more words


Reduced to This...

Today’s Writing 101 challenge – to imagine a favourite festival, conference or event never happening again or being taken over by an evil corporate force… 448 more words


What teaching philosophy teaches me: Reductionism

Friday break time is staff briefing time. Yesterday we had a briefing regarding what to do if OFSTED come in this year, which is a big possibility, considering it will be close to 5 years since our last inspection. 575 more words