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The Gift Tree

Deep in the Del Norte Redwoods on the Northern California coast there is a rhododendron growing from the snag of an ancient redwood. It is a fantastical scene which is often photographed, but I am still compelled to stop and take a photo every time I visit. 55 more words


Whippoorwill whippoorwill
That’s the noise my ears are making
Whippoorwill whippoorwill
And maybe they’ll take me home

Maybe they’ll take me home to that place on a hill… 314 more words


Curl up, curl up so tight

Curl up, curl up so tight
Curl up so tight, that you curl in the night
And the night curls down inside you
Like an owl wrapping her wings around herself… 146 more words


If I could reach through the computer screen...

I want to hand you a lapis lazuli ball
So you can lose yourself in the deep blue
And be dazzled by the gold specks. 441 more words


Something I will never get over is seeing the forest everywhere I go. Humboldt you’re great.

Jacked Up

California, here I come (and no whining)

Remember last week when I was moaning about not having a trip to Europe planned for this year? I know. Wah, wah. What a whiney baby. 1,053 more words