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Clarity Inspired By The Redwoods

These redwood trees, they are inspiring! They don’t survive by themselves. They support and rely on each other. They are working together. Connecting with that aspect of them gives me a great sense of oneness. 592 more words


Prompt #38 : Trees & Apologies

My last prompt was August 3. Today is August 19. I’ve been struggling this summer with an old friend, the demon depression, and just not feeling like writing (or doing much of anything). 555 more words


Destination Wednesday: It's The End Of The Summer As We Know It

Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Labor Day is almost here. Remember Labor Day? The end of summer, the start of school, the kickoff for fall, the lead-in to winter, the … let’s stop there. 475 more words


Imagine All The People Living For Today

On Saturday, I left Mount Shasta, headed for Santa Cruz, CA, based upon my son’s friend Peter’s invitation. I called him and sent a few Facebook messages that I was on my way. 556 more words


Northwest Day 1: Return to Grizzly Creek

Monday, July 21, 2014

Odometer 0

As I have done in previous years, I will be blogging a journal of our summer vacation activities following our return home. 381 more words


Family Hike- Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park (Felton)

I love to hike. My kids love to hike, and my husband enjoys all types of exercising. While in Northern California a few months ago we had the opportunity to hike in the Santa Cruz area. 347 more words


Vintage Inspiration in the Gift Shop

Part of vacation is visiting the gift shops in search of the perfect tchotchke to commemorate the trip.  Sometimes the tchotchke search is part of a traveling tradition (Lainey and her hubby collect refrigerator magnets, my significant other collects shot glasses, and his parents collect Christmas ornaments from places they visit), sometimes it is a random object that just fits the trip (see below for one of my souvenirs from Kilimanjaro). 291 more words