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Trailhead:  Redwood Bowl Staging Area parking lot at approximately 10600 Skyline Blvd., just north of the main Roberts Recreation Area entrance.

Parking:  Parking is free and the lot is large… 1,073 more words

I Wouldn't. Red Would.

California-bound, we stopped only to visit Sharla’s son, Sage, at the Oregon Institute of Technology. The campus is simultaneously quiet and ultra-modern, a series of squat buildings on the side of a rocky hill. 626 more words


Callused fingers
Explore, test, commit
Clutching at the grainy bark
Thrusting toes find purchase in the crust
Muscles straining
Lift, contort, flex
Pushing upward into the verdant canopy… 53 more words


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I’ve been sitting on this image for a long time. Not because of any particular reason, but simply because stuff always gets in the way. 70 more words

Real Estate And Mortgage

Within a mere mile

If I set out about ¾ of a mile in a west-northwest fashion from my house, I find the closest access to the Pacific Ocean. If I go just a little farther, but east instead, I hit a redwood grove. 205 more words


oct 23 humboldt redwoods state park

I’ve finally made it back into the woods for a night of camping, and it feels so good to be out of the small towns I’ve been stuck in! 201 more words