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Delicious Hummus Wrap

A few weeks ago, I was mindlessly floating through cyberspace when I happened upon The Pioneer Woman’s blog.  Funny how that happens.  She posted a recipe about a wrap she ate in her hotel room, praising room service for knocking this one out of the ballpark.     297 more words


salsa with a kick ! ! ! {aka: cumin salsa}

What’s your favorite kind of salsa? Mine? Oh . . . Well, let me just tell you! It must be perfect. Lots of freshness, a whole lot of heat, love your cilantro, and adore onion breath. 336 more words


It makes a mess, but it's worth it!

As I’m walking out of the grocery store on Sunday with my 9 year old daughter, with the most serious face, she turns to me and asks, “So how long do you think Miley Cyrus has been preggers?” 332 more words


Cooking with Ree

Hopefully  you will enjoy this post-not much reading, but lots of pictures!

So I have posted a few recipes in the past, and I have talked about some that were handed down, and some that I have gotten from famous cooks, websites, or cookbooks. 420 more words

Homemade Lemonade

So in February we moved into a new rental home, and much to our surprise discovered an amazing lemon tree by the side of the house. 385 more words

I've Told You a Million Times Not to Exaggerate.

I have had an eventful few days – some drama, some fun, some laughter, lots of excitement!  After a really relaxed Sunday on March 31st – Brian and I sat around and watched WWE documentaries all day – Monday the 1st started out with some hilarity.   2,270 more words


The first post I ever blogged was on a cozy, rainy day, snuggled under my warm blankets in bed.  I had just finished watching what is now one of my favorite movies – Julie & Julia and it inspired me to start.  139 more words

Blended Family