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Weekend Inspiration: Viking Bling

In case I haven’t mentioned it before, Dear Husband and I are kind of nerdy. We play Dungeons and Dragons, spend way too much time playing Skyrim, LARP (live action roleplay), and we belong to a medieval reenactment organization called the… 421 more words


An Insomniac Dreams of Pudding

Once again, I’m sleeping 18th-century-style, but without of the luxury of sleeping late. What wakes you in the middle of the night? Whatever woke me, I finally fell back asleep after 4:00 thinking of what to make for Stony Point. 224 more words

Living History

The joys and tribulations of kilt wearing.

I, like many people have an ancestor who originates from Scotland. I fall into a subcategory of people with in that statistical grouping however. This subcategory is the one that become fascinated with the life that ancestor must have lived. 1,463 more words


Property Grand Army Of The Potomac

If Federal Soldiers had worn T-Shirts during the American Civil War, they might have looked something like this. Great gift idea for the living history buff in your life. 10 more words

Civil War

Breaking Up By Letter

Mr S and I joined other members of the 10th Mass and National Park Service staff and volunteers at the North Bridge in Concord, Mass last Saturday for the postponed reading of the Declaration of Independence. 413 more words

Living History


Actually By Mark Twain

Curator’s Comments: While Twain is focused on the Crusades, do you think the spirit of his piece applies to modern military reenactments of any time period? 906 more words


Six Toiles, a Coat and a Bonnet

Yes, six toiles.
That’s how many it took to get a coat pattern to fit Mr S the way I thought it should. I finally built the pattern around a sleeve and arm scye that I knew worked and suited the period. 276 more words