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Same Place, Different Day

We were doing some preliminary planning for an event this fall, and we were considering recreating the 1803 funeral of Important White Guy. Our event is in October; the funeral was in September. 686 more words

Living History

A Reenactor in the Family, or Don't Ever Put Your Mouth Near the Barrel

Curator’s Comments: Today’s Saturday Cinema post of clips from the improv-based show Family Tree is brought to you by an alert reader who shared them with us. 10 more words


[Not Quite] Good Enough Coat

When not working on the Unified Theory of Living History,* I’ve been sewing for the February program in Newport. You know about the skritchy brown gown, 214 more words


Send in the History Clowns

Once upon a time, I called reenactors and costumed interpreters History Clowns. The pilgrims at Plimoth Plantation 25 years ago scared me, and I did not like to visit living history museums. 537 more words

Living History

My interesting and fun in-laws

Have you ever met an expert on the history of war, the evolution of weaponry, and the uniforms and lifestyle of soldiers throughout time? Ken Grant is a famous historian, reenactor, and historical weapons collector. 492 more words

My Family And My Dogs!

Drapers, Sutlers and Other Sources

Shopping with swatches: it’s what I do.

The biggest difference between sewers is location: I have access to resources here that people in the Midwest don’t, but friends in New York have the garment district, which is just a little too far for me.   910 more words


Where to start

I’m sat at home, looking out the window and watching the world go by. It’s raining and fairly windy – people are rushing about trying to get to where they need to be as quick as possible. 275 more words