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Authenticity Measur'd in Moments

In the post-What Cheer Day aftermath, when I was very tired and two houses were very messed up, I started thinking about why I bothered with living history. 786 more words

Living History

Some Concluding Thoughts on the Progressive Movement

One day after my (apparently explosive) article on the progressive movement and there is a lot to take from it. The buzz generated by this article was more than even I ever anticipated; the conversation it generated is extremely positive. 730 more words


What Cheer Day Review

Let’s begin with the easy part: pretty pictures of a pretty house. (It’s too easy, right?  More on that later this week.)

There are only a few for now– while our photographer took over 800 images, before he can process and sort them, we have to put the house back together first! 344 more words

Living History

A Delicate 1860's Hairstyle

Here is a great video tutorial  featuring an 1860’s inspired hairstyle.  I especially like seeing the use of curl papers!

Historical Fashion

On the Uselessness of History

Curator’s Comments: Seneca’s On the Shortness of Life, written in 49 AD, proves two things: there have always been people who love historical research and there have always been those who think such inquiries are an unenlightening waste of time. 961 more words



“ROMANA SUM” (the ancient Romans didn’t have lowercase letters) translates as “I am Roman,” where the single speaker is female. An alternative translation* – one I prefer aesthetically – is “I am a woman of Rome.” 220 more words

Roman History