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Photos From The James Smith Black Boys Event

Enjoy of few of the shots I took at the recent Black Boys Event at Fort Loudoun, PA.

A Note On Scalp Bounties In Pennsylvania

A very interesting little article on Scalp Bounties in 18th Century Pennsylvania. Notice that Armstrong’s men brought in the most. (I belong to a unit that portrays Armstrong’s Ranging Coy.) 7 more words

Less is More

Though it may seem contrary to previous posts, there are times when I really believe less is more, and that’s when we’re out in the field. 474 more words

Living History

Ordinary Courage - A 1st person immersion event - Part 1: Expectations and Preparations

I have not been involved in reenacting/living history or historical sewing for as long as some people, but I’ve thrown myself pretty well in to the progressive side of it. 1,843 more words

18th Century

A Matter of Interpretation

On the way to Southbridge, Mr S and I were discussing the last “big” event for the year, and whether or not we wanted to go. 592 more words

Living History

What Cheer Day 2014 Gallery 2!

Think of this as the afternoon photos.

The fortune teller came!

She had many interesting things to tell Miss Sally Brown

And promised better fortunes and comforts to the maids… 84 more words

Living History

The First Steps In My Frontier Journey

Another reenactor blog, just what the world needs right?

Well that’s just what you are getting here. A blog written by a real reenactor, so yeah the language will be course, the humor dark and the apologies few and far between. 2,431 more words