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On the Uselessness of History

Curator’s Comments: Seneca’s On the Shortness of Life, written in 49 AD, proves two things: there have always been people who love historical research and there have always been those who think such inquiries are an unenlightening waste of time. 961 more words



“ROMANA SUM” (the ancient Romans didn’t have lowercase letters) translates as “I am Roman,” where the single speaker is female. An alternative translation* – one I prefer aesthetically – is “I am a woman of Rome.” 220 more words

Roman History

In Defense of Reenacting in the Wake of a Tragedy

Last Friday night, Eric Frein, an anti-government extremist who is considered “libertarian leaning” by colleagues and friends, opened fire on two State Troopers outside one of their barracks in Pennsylvania. 1,473 more words


Replication and Responsibility

If I examine and exactly replicate a coat for personal use, what do I owe the museum that owns that coat– anything? I think I owe the museum any information I can share that will improve their records and help build a research file for the future.* I also think I owe them copies of the images I may take, and with digital images, that’s now incredibly easy. 241 more words


Cantigny NWTA Grand Encampment 2014

We recently had the Northwest Territory Alliance 40th Anniversary Grand Encampment at Cantigny Park in Wheaton IL. It is a lovely wooded 500 acre park and the tree lined path where we camp is delightful. 219 more words

18th Century

A Trip to Stonington

On Tuesday, I drove down to Stonington, CT to visit the Stonington Historical Society’s Lighthouse Museum and look at a coat. Stonington was beautiful as ever, smelling of the ocean and money, and the little Lighthouse Museum was nicely done. 165 more words


Exercising the 1840's way....

Having a svelte figure seems to be a quest that many women over the centuries have embraced.  While I may not enjoy running for miles on end, I do appreciate the value of exercising and trying to stay flexible….but maybe not in a corset!   140 more words

Historical Fashion