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150th Anniversary of the Battle of Cedar Creek - Tabetha Irwin

October 17-19, 2014

Paul and Denali, Tim and Joey, and Nut and I arrived at Cedar Creek Thursday night around 17:00. Due to an injury acquired a few weeks before, Diamond was left home to rest. 1,318 more words

Civil War

150th Anniversary Battle of Trevilian Station - John Knecht

June 21-22, 2014

June 18, 2014 I woke like every other Wednesday would find me. I had slept fitfully the night before, each toss and turn exponentially worse than the one before it. 924 more words

Civil War

Greenfield Village Civil War Remberence - Dan Norfleet

May 24-26, 2014

The Brigade came together one last time for the Annual Civil War Remembrance at the Henry Ford. A time for farewell for Dan, Bob, Crusty, Krissy and Ms. 244 more words

Civil War

Scabbers Paints

Perhaps you know him as Timothy Spall, but the actor playing Mr Turner is best known in my house for his role as Scabbers, AKA Peter Pettigrew, 376 more words

Living History

The Lady Wore... A White Blouse?

No reenactorism is so prevalent among women reenactors as the white blouse. You can see it everywhere: the ubiquitous Garibaldi. I own two, I think, though they haven’t been worn in years. 1,383 more words


Photos From The James Smith Black Boys Event

Enjoy of few of the shots I took at the recent Black Boys Event at Fort Loudoun, PA.

A Note On Scalp Bounties In Pennsylvania

A very interesting little article on Scalp Bounties in 18th Century Pennsylvania. Notice that Armstrong’s men brought in the most. (I belong to a unit that portrays Armstrong’s Ranging Coy.) 7 more words