Losing Wisdom.

The idea of anesthesia completely freaks me out.  It gives me the heebie jeebies and this morning I was scheduled to get my wisdom teeth pulled (ironically, my dad is an anesthesiologist so I know it’s safe, it’s just weird).   375 more words


Simply Lace

So…my Thrifting Buddy, (A.K.A Mom) and I found a new thrift store in Macon! It’s called Sanford And Sons and they are located on Eisenhower PKWY in the Farmer’s Market. 285 more words


What about nature's worth, what about us

*Credit for the title here goes to Michael Jackson’s Earth Song*

The point here is a big nod to eco/green fashion movement. Since I’m not new to this concept, I choose to make my statement right here, right now and, as expected, there’s a long story behind that choice. 1,021 more words


The Ice cream Ric Rac skirt refashion

In the teaser yesterday I donned a thrift skirt from the little girls’ department, obvi – says so on the label.

It was a pretty easy sewing project but due to overwhelming procrastination issues I managed to finish it for a couple of days (hooray for lazy). 197 more words


Ice cream and sprinkles - my guilty pleasure

So here I am, sitting tight on my butt in front of my laptop listening to my favourite music of the 90s (spoken like a true 90s child), just had dinner at 6 pm and it consisted of ice cream.  534 more words


Dear Mama Smurf.

Oh Mama Smurf, what were you thinking?  I know everyone needs formal attire, but this head to toe blue paisley makes me want to cry a little… or a lot.   376 more words


Dress to skirt

Recently I posted about this dress.

I don’t remeber where I got it but I never tried it on and it wasn’t flattering, and it was a little short for my taste. 58 more words