Why not turn it in to a skirt?

Skirt refashions are easy peasy. Skirts from scratch are easy peasy. So? Does that mean it isn’t worth posting? Goodness no!

So this was an extra large sweater that I found at a thrift store. 149 more words


DIY Drop bottom pants to sporty skirt refashion and OOTD

Hey there, hi there! It’s been a busy weekend making pickles and stuff at the countryside! I had no time to even cook a meal. 681 more words


The Substitute Dress.

This was not the dress that was supposed to happen next.  In fact, I have another dress from last night which was dyed, dyed again, disassembled, partially reassembled, and I gave up.   361 more words


Pants refashion teaser + 'they're here!' nail-a-holic

If you wonder to what I’m referring it’s my brand new reusable nail forms. Yes, I’m a nail-a-holic. (Hi, Sylvia!)

It all started innocently enough when I was applying for my Masters degree in Food Safety and met with the most wonderful girl, Annie. 404 more words


Spruced up pants

I was sitting at my desk yesterday noticing 2 co-workers had pants with zippers at the bottom/hem. ‘I don’t have pants like that’ I thought. Then I remembered there was a pair of cropped pants in my refash pile. 96 more words


Paisley for Dayz.

Hello World.

The last week at school has really kicked my trash so I needed to have some fun last night. After finishing my work in the archaeology lab I went to my favorite thrift store and scored… big time. 466 more words