Accidentally successful refash

I love it when great things happen completely by accident! My co-worker came in a couple of weeks ago sporting this lovely cowl neck poncho sweater that we were all admiring.. 314 more words


Brand New Leopard-Skin Formerly Pill-Box Hat

During my millinery training, I made quite a few hats only to learn new techniques and not because I really wanted to make those particular hats. 413 more words


Velvet Skirt Refashion

So yesterday, I had a sudden panic. I am going up to Oxford today to spend the weekend with my boyfriend , and we are going out out, and I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR!!! 204 more words


The Snowy Day Dress.

Hello lovelies!

I’ve been in a weird, crazy time warp lately.  It feels as if school just started, it was still 80 degrees outside and suddenly I’ve blinked and it is almost Thanksgiving! 595 more words


Nice and knit: Deformed knit hat to zipper pouch/clutch DIY

One thing I can’t go without in winter: a good winter hat. I am hooked on hats. Moreover, they’re a nice comfy solution for cold. 165 more words


Quick Top Refashion

This is just a really quick post about a top I bought in a charity shop for £3.45.

It was so cute, a top/dress with cats on; how can I not! 66 more words


The Betty Crocker Dress.

I’m not usually a Halloween kinda gal, but a costume practically fell in my lap. l bake, sew, and I love to wear pretty dresses and heels. 257 more words