For The Love Of Teal

Soo. I love teal. Plain and simple. LOVE teal.

To tell the truth I got a bright idea several months ago to make a skirt into gaucho pants. 117 more words


Green Goblin

Here it is! My first refashion in a long time! Are ya ready? Check out this beaut!

So this sweet gal I picked up on our way back from vacation. 131 more words


Blouse to Kimono DIY

I LOVE the kimono style jackets that are so on trend right now, in fact I have a board on Pinterest dedicated to them.

Unfortunately I rarely find any kimonos I like in the actual shops, so most of my time is spent drooling over ones I can’t even get my hands on, so sad :( 322 more words


Tutorial: corduroy halter vest

Years ago, my sisters gave me this green halter vest and I’ve been loving it. It’s great for layering over white tees and for preventing getting pinched on St Patty’s day. 499 more words


Pink glitter shoes finished

I have been trying to finish up projects I started since school is almost done and I won’t get quite as much craft time.

They started out as a kind of blah pair of shoes thrifted from Goodwill. 15 more words


This red dress

Today, I’m inspired to refashion a big, red t-shirt into something pretty awesome.┬áSo I put on my creative hat, got my pins and scissors and started working… 28 more words


Another pair of flip flops

I wrapped the straps of my daughter’s flip flops with embroidery floss like I did to my son’s.

These wen’t quicker than my son’s because I used bigger sections of floss to show the ombre better.