Sewalong - The Delightful Doily Part One


The wonderful Sheri from Confessions of a Refashionista has put together an awesome mini sewalong series all about the one and only Doily!

Lovely lacy doilies are an integral part of any Refashionista’s arsenal. 266 more words


Silk Charmeuse Shirt Refashion

I have seen a number of wonderful refashion projects using shirts to make skirts. I owned a few silk charmeuse shirts that I never wear and then found another at a used clothing store. 232 more words


Feature Post - Jeans Makeover

We have a rather quirky refashion tutorial from In The Mood For Couture

It really is amazing what you can create with a few unwanted garments, a little bit of creativity and some confidence! 15 more words


Tutorial - The Gotta Love Grunge Sweater


Were you grunge in the 90′s?

I lurved nothing better than combining combat boots with a floral print dress & topping it off with a shredded sweater! 95 more words


Refashion: Men's Trousers to Shorts

While doing the laundry some time back, I discovered a hole in the back pocket of the hub’s trousers. So I did what anyone else might do – try to mend it. 407 more words


DIY: Elasticated Waist Skirt

I was talking to a friend about dress-making online yesterday and I was giving her some tips and all that jazz and I realised I haven’t really put any  283 more words


DIY: Quick T-Shirt Refashion!

So this is a quick DIY, for any old tee’s.. This one the arms started getting too tight on me, so I decided to chop ‘em off and use it as work out gear :) 72 more words