Flowers on Flowers on Flowers.

Hello friends!

I’m just going to start by letting the $0.50 subject of today’s refashion speak for itself…

But there’s more… an extra pair of shorts in case you just… 363 more words


Hot Pocket.

During my thrifting extravaganza in Paisley For Dayz I scored this $0.50 dress.

How else can you take a picture in a dress with that glorious pocket? 320 more words


Cluctch Refashion

When I saw this clutch at Goodwill, since it was only $2 I thought it was worth a refashion.

I immediately thought of that I refashioned a while ago. 166 more words

A Barbie Dress.

Hello friends!  Today features the one, the only, the wonderful Mary! (I told her to “make a Shawn face” and this is what happened… I’d say she knows me pretty well.) 612 more words


Little Prairie Dress.

I was channeling my inner Laura Ingalls when I donned this lovely “prairie dress”.  It just seems like something she would have worn if it had a slightly higher neckline and long sleeves for her life on the frontier. 353 more words


Why not turn it in to a skirt?

Skirt refashions are easy peasy. Skirts from scratch are easy peasy. So? Does that mean it isn’t worth posting? Goodness no!

So this was an extra large sweater that I found at a thrift store. 149 more words