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Cargo capris to acid wash skirt refashion OOTD

As promised, I busted my arse today but brought you the OOTD featuring the Cargo capris to acid wash skirt!

And here you thought I’m just going to pull the same trick I did last time – lab photos which are a presumption I do go outside in my outfits. 361 more words


Cargo capri pants to acid wash skirt refashion

Here’s another random Sylvia fact: I like to work on projects mostly in weekends because, well because that’s when my days off of work are. Working the day shift from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm isn’t in much favour for my crafting projects because at 5:30 pm when I somehow manage to get home (in the days that I’m not going to the gym directly from work, that is) I have to start doing some heavy cooking because when living with The Man who happens to be always hungry and eating on a schedule like a newborn baby, meals in every 3-4 hours, buh-lieve me when I say – cooking for hours is an everyday chore. 579 more words


More t-shirt refashions

This was my last hurrah in the repurpose, reuse, refashion month – I took 3 t-shirts and made 4 pairs of undies.

While having an idle wander around the internet I came across this free pattern from… 516 more words


Project Make Do (Pinterest fails, sewing rage, and other exciting things)

If there is one skill my mother passes down to me, it is the ability to make do.

My mother is one of the most make-do-ish people I know, for real. 286 more words


You're Invited to the Book Launch Party

I can’t wait to celebrate the release of The Refashion Handbook with you!

It’s going to be a fun night! The champagne will be flowing as well as hors d’oeuvres, sewing themed cocktails and mocktails.   281 more words

I Once Was a Lumberjack.

Today I channeled my inner college freshman (we were the Lumberjacks) and donned this lovely lumberjack-esque flannel number. Did I mention it was $1.52? I wonder why… 379 more words


DIY: New Life for an Ottoman Cushion

 Every once in awhile, I look across the racks of clothes at my local thrift shop and lay my eyes on the perfect piece of furniture to refashion. 221 more words