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Why not turn it in to a skirt?

Skirt refashions are easy peasy. Skirts from scratch are easy peasy. So? Does that mean it isn’t worth posting? Goodness no!

So this was an extra large sweater that I found at a thrift store. 149 more words


Pirate Costume Refashion

Sewing can get expensive if you buy all new all the time, so when I dug up these old clothes slash graduation gown, I knew it was time to give refashioning another try. 285 more words


Vintage Dresses: refashioned and not

Recently I  was featured on Paris Ciel for my eighties upcycled dress blog.  Paris Ciel has 55 different refashions that are all really creative for making an ugly or dated dress into something beautiful, so definitely check it out if you like vintage shopping, are looking for a new project or just enjoy seeing other people’s creativity: you won’t be disappointed! 72 more words


T-Shirt Refashion

I had a few shirts that I barely wore, and decided to refashion them. Well here’s one that I did.

It didn’t come out exactly how I wanted, which was expected since this was my first time, but it was pretty darn close! 412 more words


DIY Drop bottom pants to sporty skirt refashion and OOTD

Hey there, hi there! It’s been a busy weekend making pickles and stuff at the countryside! I had no time to even cook a meal. 681 more words


From flare to skinny

I haven’t done a DIY in a while I realized; I guess I’ve been busy with the Disney Style lately :) Now that I think about it there was the refashion of the… 666 more words


The Substitute Dress.

This was not the dress that was supposed to happen next.  In fact, I have another dress from last night which was dyed, dyed again, disassembled, partially reassembled, and I gave up.   361 more words