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Just a Boy

He says, “Hand,” and I reach over and take his small hand in mine. This is the fifth or sixth time throughout the night that I’ve heard that word and each time he whispers it, I comply. 215 more words

Refections On Life

Fairy Tale

He said he would make me his queen and in my innocence, I said yes.

I have been his queen for a number of years now. 154 more words

Refections On Life


At 13, she has presence beyond her years. The limelight is something that she neither basks in nor seeks. She simply moves in and out of it with grace. 75 more words

Refections On Life

Born to Be With You

It’s not the day-to-day living
As we pass like ships in the night
In our multi-shift worlds
Me doing my thing, He doing his

It’s not the 20-minute phone calls twice a day… 209 more words

Refections On Life

I’ve participated for the last two Friday’s in Friday Fictioner’s 100-word challenges. You look at a picture and write a story of approximately 100 words. For those of you who have followed my blog, you know that I have a hard time saying good morning in 100 words! 137 more words

Refections On Life

My Husband, The Pet Detective/Author or Cork It!

From: R.E. B erg
Sent: Monday, March 24, 2014 11:41 AM
To: Berg, Mary A.
Subject: Ziggy and the Hidden Treasure


 Just when you might have thought our boy had lost the power to amaze, I was shown otherwise late this morning. 415 more words

Refections On Life

Leave Those Feet at the Door

Washington Island has always been the keeper of all things precious for me. The Island has remained virtually unchanged in its appearance since I was a child, but the feelings it has always evoked in me have spanned my entire range of emotions. 987 more words

Refections On Life