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D&D 5E - Uses for a shield

What is the best use of a Shield and Longsword combo?

I received this inquiry the other day: “I like to play a Paladin that often uses a Shield and Long Sword combo. 372 more words

House Rules

Reference Material for Knitters...what do you use?

Last night I came across this picture on ¬†Willashalit’s Instagram page and instantly thought what stitch it that? If you are on IG go check her out, she is mean with those knitting needles. 345 more words


Hail Cromnibus: What It Takes To Fund A Government

Good news everyone: Congress is about to actually fund the government! You may ask, “but why is this good news? Isn’t that supposed to always happen?” and you, dear reader, would be demonstrating praiseworthy logical thought processing. 1,574 more words


Reference Material: On ISIS' Hopes and Dreams

In the ever-present hope of creating, without noticing it, a resource to help the assembled hordes of the Internet become less argue-y about things¬†more well-versed in and comfortable with the makeup of the political world in which they live in, I figured it might be useful to not only write my own explanations, but also to find and share those that I’d find helpful–things that I’d maybe write myself, had I access to a major publication’s paychecks and travel accommodations–or things I find while writing my own stuff that just seem cool/relevant/sufficiently interesting as to justify sharing with all those who read and support this absurd little venture. 1,127 more words

Video About Large-Scale Garlic Scape Processing

I just watched this report on la Semaine Verte about garlic scapes.

The video showacses Le Petit Mas and their garlic scape harvest. They harvest 1000s of pound at a time and shuffle them around in bulk bins. 38 more words

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