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The BG

how bout the background? I know, I seldom draw a BG coz I have no idea (?) just credit for bg to google hehehe. Let’s practice!

Teori Permainan dan Koalisi Demokratis

Waktu gerakan mahasiswa zaman Order Baru (atau orde batu) memuncak di tahun 1998, salah satu topik wacana yang sering muncul ialah soal oposisi. Gus Dur, misalnya, setelah mundur dari jabatan presiden, mencanangkan bahwa partainya akan menjadi oposisi. 780 more words


Price Drop - Revise Your Novel in a Month

Since, agent Jill Corcoran is such a good marketer, I am sure most of you always know about the video series that author of the PLOT WHISPERER, Martha Alderson and literary agent Jill Corcoran released three months ago. 615 more words


The Apple Rat In Your Pocket, Part Two

Apple Confirms “Back Doors”; Downplays Their Severity

Now lets talk about file relay. Apple is being completely misleading by claiming that file relay is only for copying diagnostic data.

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Your First Bible Reference Book: A Bible!



When discussing Bible reference books, often the most important one is left out: the Bible itself. While other books support your understanding of the Bible, there’s no substitute, in any field, for reading the original primary documents. 595 more words

James S. Taylor