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Water Testing Weeks 2 and 3

We had received over 2″ of rain a day-and-a-half before I sampled on Aug 27th; so it came as no surprise that the numbers were somewhat lowered, simply by dilution:  (I’m posting the average of 3 samples) 436 more words

Nothing Yet Matches iOS Hardware

PadNews has a good technical analysis of why iOS hardware still kicks the ass of all others [Google Translate].

And that’s just on the hardware front. 16 more words


Personal Territories Inspiration

As you work on your tour kits here are some examples and question related to  Personal Territories .


Depleted uranium as a carcinogen and genotoxin

Malignant Effects: depleted uranium as a carcinogen and genotoxin http://www.bandepleteduranium.org/en/malignant-effects

The purpose of this report is to introduce the reader to the growing weight of evidence relating to how DU can damage DNA, interfere with cellular processes and contribute to the development of cancer. 2,190 more words


What I have learnt in 15 years about recruitment?

I was sorting through some resumes the other day at my desk and it dawned on me that I have now been recruiting for 15 years! 1,045 more words