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REFERENCE, Zemer Peled, Ceramics Sculptures

Amazing Ceramics Sculptures – Fubiz™.

Dear all!

Here I post the work of Zemer Peled, an artist who works with ceramics and traditional Chinese blue glace to produce the most exuberant and beautiful pieces…. 7 more words


REFERENCE, Espacios de Paz Project, Venezuela

The Espacios de Paz (Spaces for Peace) project in Venezuela is turning “zones of danger” into “zones of peace” through participatory design in violent areas of the country. 262 more words



I was put in a private musical school at the age of five by both of my parents. At first, I couldn’t stand music because it was something that I had to do on a daily routine. 123 more words


KraftWerk - Peer Review

Great post about KraftWerk Jaymie! I really liked the first two sentences and how you approached the whole article right off the bat. Everything was very easy to read in your article. 102 more words


Abbey Road Studios

Abbey Road Studios, best known as EMI Studios was founded in London, England in 1931. It is widely known for the quality of work that comes out of this facility. 323 more words


Wall Street Executive Library.

Wall Street Executive Library


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