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My Road to Yes

Campaigning for Scottish Independence hasn’t been a life-long passion for me. It’s not even been at the top of my agenda for the whole of this half-decade. 2,080 more words


We'll all have to wear kilts...

One of our YesDivit legends was speaking to an older gentleman at our highly successful and well-staffed Yes Stall on Inverkeithing High Street today. This is not an unusual occurrence, in fact it’s a weekly thing these days for the YesDivit legends. 545 more words

Scottish sovereignty: Official No campaign attempts to organise a counter-coup by wrecking public opinion

It is noticeable how the official No campaign in the lead-up to the Scottish independence referendum has had to change its tactics since the belligerent stand taken by the British government over the currency issue. 897 more words

Losing Scotland

Over at Open Democracy, Gerry Hassan has a good post offering five reasons why the Scottish pro-Union ‘Better Together’ campaign is losing momentum and losing ground. 435 more words

Shut up about an Independent Scotland. Let the people decide their own future.

It’s getting really boring now, the coverage in the media about whether Scotland should / could become an independent country. For those of us not directly affect by the result of the referendum it’s a bit of a non-story and this above all topics symbolises the little dance that politicians and the media do. 262 more words


Political jewellery

P for Political jewellery in the Blogging from A to Z challenge.

When you browse online jewellery collections, you come across all kinds of pieces. 854 more words

A To Z

Petition Suspends Restrictions Against Rideshare Companies

(CBS Seattle) – Regulations that were set to be imposed against rideshare organizations in Seattle later this month have been suspended, according to KIRO 7… 239 more words