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Metro Vancouver Mayors council Transit plan: Deciphering some numbers.

To better understand what bring the Mayors council plan (called “expansion plan” below), we ignore the spin and prefer to compare it with the…
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Don't Shoot the Messengers - A response to Gerry Hassan

Gerry Hassan, in an article for the Scottish Left Project and Scotland On Sunday, warns that the ‘Yes’ camp is making serious mistakes in its triumphalism since the referendum.   3,291 more words

Political Theory

Do we Stay or do we Go?

The former Cabinet Minister Ken Clarke has called for pro-Europeans to “organise themselves properly”, saying that the political debate around Europe had been “fairly disastrous” in recent months. 515 more words


Just an Observation

With 2014 drawing to a close and the festive season in full swing- boycotting the Christmas festivities this year I am feeling slightly liberated and none of my usual humbuggery is prevalent- it is also that time of year when it is good to take stock of what the past fifty two weeks has meant to both me personally and the world around me. 1,142 more words


Elitists are terrified of direct democracy and want to pretend the public has no idea what is good for themselves.  Men like Friedrich Nietzsche characterized what he perceived to be slave and master mentality and clearly had a very sinister “master” mentality himself. 152 more words


Metro Vancouver Transit "Plebiscite": first thought (*)

The mayor issued a referendum question draft on December 11th, 2014, and one will find an account of it on the Stephen Rees’s blog. On December 18th 2014, the Province issued its “ 628 more words


Bond Referendum Passes

By: Kris Schneider

After months of planning, the $18.5 million bond has passed in Caldwell and West Caldwell, in a vote of 806-497. The polls were open on Tuesday, December 9.   605 more words