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Voting against, rather than voting for

Here’s a somewhat different perspective on American electoral policies: what happened last month was not an election. It would be defined better as a referendum… 433 more words


Wish I'd kipped on the banquette at Nellie Dean's

Our next port of call was Inverness and then on to our Airbnb stay in the Western Highlands.  This was the view from the train en route to Inverness. 1,142 more words


I’d Have Voted Yes No Matter What

In a recent discussion with a unionist family member two things were put to me. The first was that he was dismayed to discover that there were people in Scotland who would have voted… 772 more words


Our Swiss Cheese Democracy

Any person who is remotely aware of the state of our political system knows we’re in deep trouble.  One doesn’t need a PhD in political science to believe that the “representatives” part of our “representative democracy” increasingly do the bidding for the wealthiest 1% of the wealthiest 1%, as well as for corporate entities that flood elected official’s offices with lobbyists, political campaigns with cash, and our sensibilities with insulting negative political ads that are paid for but, in many cases, don’t have to be disclosed. 968 more words

23 November 2014. RIA Infographics. Results of the Independence Poll in Catalonia



On Sunday, Catalunya held a survey of its population on whether it should be independent or autonomous. Earlier, the Spanish government and some Catalan political factions declared the vote illegal and urged citizens not to participate in it. 147 more words


Thoughts on the Scottish Referendum (Two Months On)

Considering that I’m the type of person who finds choosing which kind of biscuit I should have with my cup of tea to be a major dilemma, you won’t be surprised to read that deciding which way to vote in September’s referendum on Scottish independence was extremely difficult for me. 551 more words


Green Party Backs EU Referendum

British voters should be given a referendum on the country’s membership of the European Union, said the leader of the Green Party.

Conservatives are promising voters an EU referendum in 2017 if they win the upcoming general election. 117 more words