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Lazarowicz: transfer of powers 'without delay'

Mark Lazarowicz MP has pledged to work for the transfer of powers promised to the Scottish Parliament without delay as Ed Miliband and the other UK party leaders confirmed their commitment to the process.  182 more words

Nancy Shukri: Referendum for Sabah, Sarawak unnecessary

Source: The Star Online

The majority of Malaysians in Sabah and Sarawak want an intact nation and a referendum on the position of both states in the country is therefore unnecessary. 175 more words


La lección para Puerto Rico del NO en Escocia

Tras una participación masiva, un 55% de los escoceses votaron por seguir siendo miembros del Reino Unido. La votación y sus resultados, aparte de las que pueda producir en Escocia, tendrá repercusiones en otras partes del mundo en las que la aspiración independentista sobrevive, entre ellos Puerto Rico. 449 more words

Puerto Rico

When fear won - A letter to Scotland on its independence referendum

Dear Scotland,

Reading Andy Murray’s twitter feed almost dissuaded me from airing my personal thoughts on your recently concluded referendum, but I just had to blurt it out. 1,639 more words

Climate Change

Referendum - Friends Divided

So, the referendum is over, and the recriminations have started.  I can’t go on facebook these days without someone who I thought was a friend, telling me that I’m, ‘a coward’ or ‘full of self interest disguised as good intentions’. 290 more words


Scotland has spoken – but now what?

Professor Charles Pattie writes widely on electoral issues, and is an author of two books on recent Scottish politics, including a study of the 1997 devolution referendum. 4,899 more words


Bye Bye Artur mas

Artur traitor more today to proclaim the law of queries that will take him to defeat and, his suicide tico pol, when his party lost in media legislature nearly 12 points and about 300000 votes, East is or is not account who increasingly loses more votes in a hipot ticas elections would be relegated to a second position.

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