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Vogue's New Content Studio - A New Era?

Have you ever read the first pages of an American Vogue? I bet your answer is no. When I was a Fashion Intern, I spent long afternoons clipping magazines from start to finish. 217 more words


What do Target, Lilly, and Plus Size all have in common?


There are large quantities of rage being dished out in the past several days and all because women are upset about Target offering Lilly Pulitzer clothes. 417 more words



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perfect for a necessary… 89 more words

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The best toilette book, ever.

I never understood why guys took so long inside the bathroom. Just like girls going to the bathroom together is a mystery to guys. Guys taking more than 15 minutes locked inside a room is a mystery to me. 354 more words


Famous Food Paintings

Russian photographer and food stylist Tatiana Shkondina has merged her two passions together to create brilliant works of art. Paying tribute to some of the greats including Dalí, Van Gogh, and Warhol, she has managed to recreate their famous works by playing with food. 185 more words


Links to Make the Weekend Come Back Sooner

It’s back to the real world for me. Back to work and interning. I’m not too thrilled so I’ve distracted myself with a few fun links (and a trip to the mall with my mom). 102 more words