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Kristen Stewart's stylist Tara Swennen talks about her favorite career moment

Speaking of the red carpet, you’ve styled celebrities like Kristen Stewart and Kaley Cuoco. Each of their looks definitely stands on its own, but which is your big, ‘Wow, I can’t believe I made that happen’ moment?”  119 more words

Refinery 29

A New Vagina?

By Riva Preil

On rare occasion, I have heard patients comment (half-jokingly yet half seriously), “I wish I could just trade on my painful vagina for a new one.” Generally speaking, I do NOT promote that concept; instead, I promote pelvic floor physical therapy as a means to treat musculoskeletal related vaginal and vulvar pain. 189 more words

Women's Health

Are you up to date with your fashion terminology? Check out this article from Refinery 29.

The article breaks down what these words mean to the fashion elite and what they mean to the average Joe! 57 more words


Styles only your Fashionista could love

I have to share this because it finally explains to me why some people will never understand my obsession with certain styles and trends. Mostly because it mentions the jump suit which I absolutely love and get so many puzzled looks/questions about. 49 more words

QOTD: April 1, 2014

One other thing: I read my horoscope every week (usually on the Free People blog & Refinery 29), not that I put much stock into them. 231 more words


Backyard Magical !

My obsession this week is summer planning…dreaming really…

This will be the year I put budget aside to make my backyard magical!

For some on-line inspiration, I started with with Klimt, Monet and Renoir, the masters of light and color… 182 more words

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