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Quite mouths. Loud minds...

(Sigh)…I’m rather upset. And, I don’t want to be. I shouldn’t have to be.

Today, after leaving work, I was approached by one of my co-workers. 842 more words


Walk the path

Walk and see what it is that grinds you, drives you, forces you to beco – becomes the all-too-empowering disturbance in your eyes… 108 more words


Celebrating Big Cat Richard Parker

In the movie, LIFEĀ of PI, Richard Parker is a 450-pound Royal Bengal tiger, whose interactions with Pi help him embark on a path of self discovery, survival, will, enlightenment, imagination, faith, spirituality, strength and so forth. 31 more words


Old friend returns

Yesterday an old friend returned to the garden. He was often seen in the same favourite place on the fence during the Spring.

Great to see him again. 13 more words


The two week closer - Amsterdam and Oktoberfest

(September 30th)

Amsterdam, Netherlands

We had the longest drive of the tour. We drove through the Netherlands making our way up to Amsterdam, a city of contrasts where bicycles, clogs, tulips, and the infamous Red Light District live side by side in harmony. 2,426 more words

Euro Tour 14


We are dying as we speak, 50 to 70 billion cells in our bodies continuously dying per minute. 111 more words


Clear Skies

Clear blue skies. Activity in the sky, high above my small garden space.

I wonder where the plane is going?

I like this close up picture, You can see the rising sun gleaming on the nose of the jet as it travels towards mainland Europe.