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Second year

So September is upon us.

This means my summer is very nearly over. It also means Autumn is now upon us (although judging by the weather in England Autumn hit us a long time back). 151 more words


Daily #Challenge - September 1, 2014 - #Reflection

Don’t Limit Your Challenges, Challenge Your Limits!

By definition, a Challenge is a contest with ourself or others that requires special effort, tests our skills, strengths and Character.

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Daily Challenge

Dish it in

When angry or hurt, introspect to pinpoint the origin then risk baring an uncomfortable truth rather than clutching superficial feelings & childishly throwing them like dishes against the wall of a loved ones spirit. 27 more words

Just Thinking

Note to Self

If you could give your younger self some advice, what would you tell them? I saw an article recently where celebrities were writing letters to their past selves at the point they started university and it got me thinking what advice I would give ‘little’ me. 1,052 more words


Look Up

“Don’t be a servant to your phone. If all you are doing is reacting to calls then you will never develop. You need to have time to be free, and for your head to be free to think.” Joanna Lumley… 461 more words

The Confidence in YOU?

Hi Friends,

Reflect over the last few months… has fear stopped you, from asking for a raise, starting a business, asking for a date or simply interacting with people during daily activities. 466 more words


You need a teacher.

Friends, until you attain enlightenment you need a teacher,
so follow a supreme spiritual friend.
Until you realize the natural state, you need to learn, 25 more words

Daily Dharma Quotes