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The day is ruining itself fast, and I am ruining myself slow and painful. Every passing year is a rebirth and a funeral. Rebirth to welcome the things that will come, new cells that will replace the shedding, new tongue, new intellects, and the eyes that will replace the gouged. 371 more words


it feels like christmas

whether it’s the long-awaited season of cherries, cool dips at the beach or fairy lights twinkling warmth from homes, it definitely feels like christmas! and so these blooms celebrate what it means to show deep love and care for family and friends. 37 more words

Let it go

You begin to feel the pain of moving on, but you know you’ll be fine. You’ve been here before. It’s the same process every time. Sometimes not as painful, but always stuck in the moment of wondering if you’ll pull through. 110 more words

White Space for Christmas

The greatest gift you could give yourself is to have the courage to sit in stillness with your dreams.

When was the last time you took the time to check out?  158 more words


Merry Yule!

Today is the Winter Solstice!  May we all rejoice in the knowledge that from here until the summer solstice the days will become longer, and with them, may our hopes and dreams grow to fruition and bring abundance into our lives for the next year. 73 more words


Holiday Cards

Dear Friend,

I hope this card finds you well. Another year has flown by again…

Holiday cards are nice to receive, right? I love getting cards from friends. 537 more words


Being Thankful

I was so thankful that the week came to an end and it was the weekend. It was a rather stressful week and coming home on Friday was like walking into a peaceful sanctuary. 376 more words