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On writing and on... well, still writing

As a child, I’ve always kept a diary. I wrote everything about me… to the utter happiness (and shock) of Mommy whenever she reads my diary (which is I guess against the right to privacy, but what can I do lol). 1,551 more words


WOW Worship: The Ultimate Easter Playlist

Again, it’s time for Easter. Time for us to remember that Jesus, after all those sufferings and trials that he have endured, rose again on the third day, conquered death and saved us all. 62 more words


Like the flowing river

by Manuel Bandeira

Be like the flowing river,
Silent in the night.
Be not afraid of the dark.
If there are stars in the sky, reflect them back. 27 more words



That’s when it hit me: I’m living in the generation that is transitioning between the extended rural family and the modern nuclear family. And then that’s when it hit YOU: what the hell am I talking about? 605 more words


Peace Be Still

Enjoying the stillness of nature as it reflects a very busy city.

Central Park, New York

Reflect - The Nothing Men

Ten years ago I walked along by shops, feeling the large glass windows, and avoiding the crowds. I talked to myself, muttering and every so often my hand would rise up and tap the side of my head in agitation. 627 more words


Admirable Traits

When you think about the people who are in your life, who comes to mind first? Probably your family or friends – but there are also co-workers, neighbors, that brunette waitress you always get, social media connections… 440 more words