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Tip #23: Become a master of learning

Language learning is a funny thing. In one moment, you’re feeling like a toddler who is receiving praise for getting halfway through your ABCs. Every new word seems like a struggle but every new word is something that you’re so proud of. 959 more words


Rewriting Lyrics On A Melancholy Afternoon

My good; my bad
Look at where we stand?
Listening to old rants
Of a non fading past

Can’t you see?
Won’t you please?
These things don’t change… 50 more words


Mother nature is so beautiful. Perfectly pure and unapologetic for just being the way she is.

Faith In Action'Reflecting Our Lord & Friend

Never let us become so self absorbed, to help those who have a need. We have exchanged our righteousness, which was but filthy rags, for His Righteousness. 366 more words


Reflections From Within the Mirror

Gorgon Medusa. Mirror of Memory” by Lilia Osipova

She wondered how she got lost along the way
Seeing herself looking into the mirror… 227 more words



The candle of life is burning, use its light wisely…

Remember to stay bright.
Daniel Dhammarako
พระแดเนียล ธมฺมารกฺโข


Autumn storm

Since a couple of days, the weather really suits autumn; storm, lots of rain. Outside it’s dark and grey with streets covered in the yellowbrownorange sea of colored leaves. 399 more words