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After living in Tennessee for over 10 years, we are selling most of our stuff and moving back to New York state. We’ll be living in the town where I grow up (about 75 miles north of NYC) in the exact house that I grew up in. 510 more words

22 Things I learned at 22

My 23rd birthday is creeping up in a little bit (and has been celebrated for a couple hours in the rest of the world) and I gotta say that my 22nd year of life was magical, challenging and beautiful. 625 more words

Deep In Thought

Taking the Road of Less Money, Slowing Down, & Turning Our Hot Water On.......

Recently we’ve made some pretty major changes to our lives…..
We made the decision that Scott, who has worked as a chef for the majority of the past 12 years, would quit his job and we would have a go at surviving off our small home business… 995 more words

Homeschooling Life

Tip #24: Learn to Laugh at Yourself

A convenience store just opened in the village next to ours. Its groundbreaking arrival in our region was met with curiosity, some criticism, and a suppressed excitement. 814 more words


Tip #23: Become a master of learning

Language learning is a funny thing. In one moment, you’re feeling like a toddler who is receiving praise for getting halfway through your ABCs. Every new word seems like a struggle but every new word is something that you’re so proud of. 959 more words


Rewriting Lyrics On A Melancholy Afternoon

My good; my bad
Look at where we stand?
Listening to old rants
Of a non fading past

Can’t you see?
Won’t you please?
These things don’t change… 50 more words


Mother nature is so beautiful. Perfectly pure and unapologetic for just being the way she is.