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My Month in My Little Hut in Ubud

I am not sure what has been happening with me lately but I’ve just want to retreat into seclusion since I arrived in Bali. Not in a depressing way but in a peaceful, reflecting sort of way. 497 more words


Tip #31: Find the funny

Bill Cosby has spent a lifetime entertaining millions of people by finding the funny in ordinary situations. Whether he was describing the challenges of parenting small children, the dreadfulness of visiting the dentist or the inspiration of chocolate cake for breakfast, Bill Cosby made the world laugh by finding the humor in the mundane details of life.   392 more words


October Lumosity

scarlet leaf glowing in morning light

dew drops glistening on a pansy petal

cranberry glass plate scatters sunset rays

“Pay attention

be astonished

tell about it.”

Mary Oliver

Inner Awareness


Autumn is a good time start reflecting on where you want to be next year. We all have areas of our life that are going well and we wouldn’t really want to change. 254 more words

Tip 30: Know when to DUCK

I remember a conversation we had with a colleague, Yoda, right before we moved.  His nickname comes from his bald head, large ears and shortish stature.   503 more words


Enjoying a late bloomer

Last winter on the east coast, and in many other places of the United States, we experienced an unusually cold winter.   I was saddened this spring when a favorite hydrangea bush that I had started from a transplant many years ago from a hydrangea in my mother’s garden didn’t seem to be doing too well.  366 more words