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Thankful: The Day After

I’ve been up since 5:45am. It’s snowing outside. It’s dead silent in my house, my street, my whole neighborhood. I have a piping hot mug of peach green… 456 more words


Even Though They Weren't So Great

We are not to be thankful for just the pleasant, easy things, but ALL things.
-My Church’s Facebook page

Today, while watching this video…

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Think Process not the Product.

Embrace creativity, not the creation.

As a creative person in a creative world, I appreciate just how much we all want to create the most beautiful things for eyes to see, to touch and reach out to people. 1,594 more words


Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time where we pause to really reflect on what we are thankful for. Sometimes it is easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life that we forget to be thankful for all we have. 1,085 more words


9 Things About Bali That I Wont Miss

I have explored the depths of my soul here in Ubud, collaborated with Global Entrepreneurs¬†in Kuta and lived among the locals in no-name villages. I have supported local foot-vendors, expressed immense gratitude, trained on local customs, learned Balinese, referred my western friends, overpaid for things knowingly, socially promoted, given reviews online and told you all the reasons why I appreciate Bali- ¬†but now I’m going to talk about what bothers the crap out of me. 1,376 more words