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Where there is war, there are refugees

A flag of the Donetsk People’s Republic in Arkhangel’sk, Russia

Today I plan to write about refugees. Or to be more precise: about the Eastern Ukrainian citizens that have been forced to leave their homes and seek a better future in Russia proper.  1,130 more words

Day 50: Journaling memories, reflections, and dreams

Journaling gives me detailed memories that I otherwise would likely forget. It also gives me an avenue for reflecting and dreaming.

I brought my travel journal along with me backpacking this weekend. 603 more words


thoughs and reflections

It is few days that I am thinking how the people around us can affect the way we see a situation.

I am trying to understand if a big collapse I had few years ago. 333 more words

Who’s who in my zoo?

Post 799!

Rosh used that expression in a comment after I wrote this:

Don’t read too many in one day.
Don’t rush into this.
Your head will spin…
374 more words


What Things Are Melting Now?

It’s almost unsettling to realize suddenly that someone I once needed in my life to help me have faith in the world is no longer necessary. 377 more words


Buddhist boot camp

Just finished reading “Buddhist boot camp” by Timber Hawkeye.

I have a very close friend and ex teacher who is very passionate about Buddhism. I’ve been willing to read about it for a while, but never had the time to do so. 530 more words


11 Major Teaching Mistakes to Avoid

Reflecting on mistakes are the learning jewels we all need to accept and I believe that if you can accept ‘educated’ risks as a partner to mistakes then you’re able to shape your learning for life! 24 more words