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Time Flies

I vividly remembers the time when I and my cousin and my parents and his parents and some guests visited his farmhouse. It was a jovial get together and an opportunity laid in front of us to know more about each other. 230 more words


Falling over my feet to keep up!

Mary reminds us that we need to upload our context setting studies by Friday.  Because I’ve been to a conference, done a Palm Sunday choral extravaganza, had an awful migraine, been to visit a librarianship mentee, and done a couple of days’ work, I now have just 49.5 hours left in which to write my context setting study.  100 more words


Mother, Mary

“To thee we send up our sighs…”

To Christ, through Mary.
Totus Tuus.

Smell the Roses

Clarity, with which our entire lives are put into perspective. It comes at the oddest, best, or the worst of times. But it comes. And in its wake we, the observers, are left with a sense of awe and understanding. 467 more words


Mother, he is your son. She is your mother


She is your son. The third last words while Jesus was hanging on the cross. 1,092 more words