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LoL Diary Entry #7: Feeding You Carry

When you reach level 30 and are placed in a league, you can still play normal games, but league games are quite different. In these you take turns banning and choosing champions to use. 563 more words


Simple Blessings and Hidden Blessings

I enjoy collecting sticks from the bush surrounding our home to break up for kindling in our fire.  The sight of a bucket full of dry, clean kindling makes my heart sing.   423 more words

Personal Growth

A Blue Fajr

Date: The first day of Tahajuud 2014
Place: Al Rashid Mosque, Edmonton.
Note: The me of today has been undergoing construction ever since 2011. 552 more words


Cul de Sac

The estuary slowly fills to reflect an evening sky

That holds a color without color

A tone that speaks of washing by rain.

It has come after the steady grayness– 295 more words


Gastronomical Reflection on Mission

Tonight is the second night of Masterchef LTC. Students of B.Th second year are running around frantically to paint the finishing strokes to their hard labored culinary masterpiece. 740 more words


Joyous Om

A couple weekends ago, I went to World Domination Summit 2014. I participated in “The Great Namaste.” This was a world-record setting yoga chain event… 215 more words