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looking back so that the view looking forward is even clearer

Have you ever stopped to look at your life right now? Did you expect that a year ago you would be in the position that you are today? 490 more words


News & Magazine Production

In yesterdays session we gained more knowledge on how to upgrade our posts on WordPress. The tips given to us all will help greatly with this blog and the website that we are aiming to set up in the coming weeks ready to go live in January. 228 more words


Look at the Anger

Look at the Anger

Look at the anger
It was so
Boiled hard
Gall stone
Blood stone
Head stone

Not knowing it existed
Or hurt… 100 more words

26 on the other side of the world

Today is my twenty-sixth birthday. In the grand scheme of birthdays it’s not so special, it’s not my golden birthday or one of the big numbers like 16, 18,21, 25, or 40. 1,111 more words

I care

I may not have walked your path,

It may seem that I am ignorant to your pains,

I may not have heard your cries for help… 219 more words


Primary Research into the future of technology

Having fabricated this extensive future scenario for this task, I sought to interview someone in order to gain more insight on their personal views of technology and the future. 583 more words

Big Data