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“The source of knowledge is experience” –Albert Einstein

          Normally I try to avoid using cliché quotes, but what a long, strange journey it’s been. This summer I’ve been working in Dr. Ingram’s lab, gaining experience that I could not have had anywhere else. 392 more words


One Drawing a Day

I’ve continued with the one drawing a day prompts, with some being more tricky than others. I’ve returned to using my Micron pen to do continuous line drawings and sketched a daffodil: 116 more words

Pictures of a City

- Underground Medicine, 2014 -


- Self with Wall, 2014 -


- Underground Medicine, 2014 -


This post is dedicated to Leanne Cole


Falling into overwhelm with EDC3100 and ICT...

Can I get an ‘amen’?

No seriously, if I’m the only one feeling this, I might cry. EDC3100 is living up to its grueling, unforgiving, relentless reputation, and I’m falling victim! 374 more words

Speak Three Words

Speak Three Words

Tonight the winds

Will find us half an earth apart

Yet again, I am not where I was

Still I speak to you when I am alone… 204 more words


I've Ruined My Thyroid

Went for the follow up with my doctor today, to check on how my thyroid and iron levels were doing.  A bit of history:  Hubby and I are trying to conceive, and the doctor said my iron was way too low.  201 more words


What I Learned After Doing 8,000 Push-Ups

At the conclusion of last month, I ventured out to challenge myself in doing something that I have never done before. Being a certified personal trainer, I like to do things that would avoid a plateau in order to give my body something new and confusing to work on. 567 more words

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