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I Believe

We all have things we believe and hold to be true. Those beliefs affect us in a huge way, every day… but what are those beliefs? 162 more words



I woke up this morning to hit the loo around 8am right as the sun was peeking through the dark, grey Vancouver clouds and our whole apartment was lit up orange. 491 more words


Made In America

As I sit here in my Levis made in Bangladesh and my sneakers made in Mexico (I don’t know where my shirt was made, but the washing instructions are in Spanish) typing on my Japanese computer with a Chinese mouse and making copies on my printer made in Thailand, the thought occurred to me that there isn’t a lot of stuff made in America anymore. 442 more words



Is your past a foreign country?

If so how often do you visit?

Is it for business or for pleasure                ?

Is it secluded or touristic? 186 more words


Zombies, vampires, and ghosts―oh my!

― Jeanne M. Slattery (with Melissa K. Downes, ghostwriter)

Right now, I am buried under exams and papers; however, Friday night Mark Mitchell and I stayed at Harvey Hall until 9:30pm with a bunch of vampires, witches, and wild animals. 426 more words


57 Things I've Learned Not to Do As a Writer

The more you write, the more you learn about how to write. The more you “learn” about writing, the more you realize every writer thinks he or she is an expert. 461 more words