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Day 40 of 90: Hair stories!

So I have always had a weird relationship with my hair. I had really long hair most of my life. I remember my mom ripping it out of my head to brush it because for some reason children’s hair is really knotty (maybe it’s all the running around)! 300 more words

90 Days

Might and Magic 8 (reflection)

Off and on over the past 2 weeks, I have started to replay Might and Magic 8: Day of the Destroyer.  I’ll be perfectly honest: I loved Might and Magic 6. 612 more words

Video Games

Quarter 1 Reflection

Quarter Reflections

What is my favorite piece of writing for the quarter? Why? (Possible reasons: it is my best writing, it was my favorite thing to think about, it turned out better than I thought it would, etc…) 126 more words


From the other side of the tracks

Today I walked into the cancer center at UHC prepared to take my first treatment. Not for cancer, but sometimes the cancer centers are somewhat of a catch all for infusion therapy. 227 more words

5 Things I'd Tell My Teenage Self

When I was a teenager, I wasn’t one of the “cool kids,” I didn’t have all designer clothes and I was a total hermit. I really never fit in and I honestly hated high school. 415 more words


I liked this video because it shows many different settings or scenery on the Earth.  I also liked it because it was a time lapse video.   56 more words