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Jesus waited Lazarus to die..?

“But the souls of the righteous are in the hand of God, and no torment will ever touch them”. Wisdom 3:1

The golden everlasting question in Christianity is always left unanswered: why God allow difficulties to his people? 753 more words

Lenin: the theory of knowledge of dialectical materialism - part twenty-two

Space and Time (continued)

Religion…has general significance as expressing the social co-ordination of the experience of the greater part of humanity. But there is no objective reality that corresponds to the teachings of religion, for example, on the past of the earth and the creation of the world. 152 more words


on reconstrual and redaction

construe (v)

con·strue  (kn-str)

v. con·strued, con·stru·ing, con·strues


1. To adduce or explain the meaning of; interpret: construed my smile as assent.

2. Grammar… 473 more words


We are the reason

Been thinking and doing a bit of planning for Christmas all day when this song played around 5 minutes ago. Just feeling the urge to share…. 10 more words


The Grieving Heart

Recently I saw a California Highway Patrol escort for a fallen police officer from a Southern California city. I saw in the faces of the men in the escort looks of sadness, disbelief and grief. 794 more words



All this time.

I’ve been scrutinising

the good,

the bad.

All this time.

It is all of that.

The truth.

All this time.

I was wrong. 11 more words