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Druid Diary 4

Silver and I wandered up Mt Pisgah this afternoon.  Pearly grays and muted golds in the southwestern sky.  The Willamette River shone thru the trees down below.   162 more words

Dancing through Life...

Who doesn’t love to dance? It’s a human thing. Nearly as soon as a child can stand alone, he or she begins dancing. Even before a child can walk, they’re grooving to music. 1,144 more words


One Week Down

My friend Sara, and I went to see Wild on Thursday afternoon; an attempt at work/life balance as well as intellectual and spiritual reflection. What an incredible film! 881 more words

My Musings

Germs be gone (24 out of 365) #blogaday

The science class this term is very informative with activities and ways to teach science to students. On Wednesday this week, the teacher had us all create discovery boxes, which have books and activities that help students discover a topic. 283 more words


Weary and Burdened

Sadly, life is not always plain sailing. I’ve been feeling very down and stressed recently, but God reminds me of this verse. We can never fully know why we’re put in difficult decisions, but we can put our hope and trust in God. 298 more words


Kuasa Melebihi Dosa

Suatu hari seorang ilmuwan hendak mengajar para muridnya mengenai bahaya kenyamanan dalam hidup. Dia menyiramkan air dingin pada sebuah mangkok yang diisi seekor katak. Katak itu tampak diam saja. 386 more words


An Iron Country

“It is like an iron country, and the spirit is oppressed by its rigor and melancholy. One could easily believe that in that dead landscape the germs of life and fruitfulness were extinct forever.”

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