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Reading matters

Woman reading the Koran in Bristol 2014.



You don’t know me, you don’t know me.


Life Right Now

I wrote this post yesterday as a vomit-on-the-keyboard type post. Now that it’s out of my system, I felt 10 pounds lighter when I hit the delete button. 291 more words

Life Is Beautiful

No Time for Distractions

A full-time job and freelance work can keep any woman busy past 9pm on an average weekday. Lately, this is the story of my life: All work and some play (about 75/25 to keep it honest). 459 more words


HHL Congo Reflections

On the previous blog I showed the HHL Congo entering Duluth Harbor. Because the water was so calm I was able to get some nice abstract reflection shots as the Congo sailed through the Duluth Ship Canal.



Stuck at home with nothing to do, I feel worthless and meaningless.
I see no joy in tomorrow and I see no light in the future ahead of me… 104 more words


Autumn Gold, Bridgewater, CT

Copyright 2014 by Susan Reinberg

“Nature’s first green i s gold,” wrote Robert Frost. She also gives us a golden kiss as a parting gesture before her winter sleep.

Color Photography