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Ten Things I've Learned Writing This Blog

2014:  Building

Since restarting this blog, it’s been very interesting to see what has stuck and what hasn’t. I have neglected a behavior post for so long, let’s take a look at what has and hasn’t worked within this blog’s brief lifetime. 2,387 more words

He sang to me.

I am blown away. Yup, you read it, a man has managed to blow me away.

Let’s call him the poker player. We matched on Tinder last Friday, which I was super happy about, because he’s hot. 1,247 more words


Japan: Land of the Curved Umbrella Handles

This will be my last post from the island of the ascending star. It shall be a poor attempt at compiling my reflections on a country that has both beguiled and befuddled me. 775 more words

Photographing Chichester, a tutorial, etching

Despite the freezing temperatures, it was not raining! We managed to get out and about and take some photographs around Chichester and especially focusing on the Cathedral’s architecture. 267 more words

Collaborative Work

Week 3 in the Great Divorce Read-Along: A Handy Chart

Today is the 70th anniversary of the third installment of the weekly story that we now know as The Great Divorce. Week 1 and Chapter 1 were the same, so that a reader picking up the book today and a reader 70 years ago would have experienced the same thing, except that it was squeezed between editorials on organ music, advertisements for “Winox: The Meat and Malt Wine,” and reminders about the Church of England Waif and Strays Society. 588 more words

C.S. Lewis


Last week Al and I visited a local pottery and the cold weather helped me find ice on birdbaths and on the ground. The blue vase also contains a feint reflection, sort of like ice.

Common Objects