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To Speak? Or Not To Speak?

Happy 216th Day of 2014!

A flash from the past.
I still need wisdom To Speak Or Not To Speak?

Lord grant us wisdom.
Thanks for reading. 370 more words


Reflections On The Great Flood of 93

Happy 214th Day of 2014!

The dog days of Summer is here.
I was reading some of my old blogs.
It was a scary time in my life. 545 more words


Welcome To August!

Greetings to you! Happy 213th Day of 2014!

July is behind us. Now we’re moving on ahead.
Hope things are working out for you.
The Lord is good to see us through our issues in life. 47 more words


Reflections On The Way To Forgiveness

Happy Day to you!

It’s cool to revisit old blogs. I notice that July 31, 2014 is on a Thursday in 2008. Today is 212. 907 more words


Still Going

Happy 209th Day of 2014!

Happy Day to all! Hope all is well with you. I’m still going… Hope you are too.

Last week seem so long. 114 more words


Enjoying Life

Happy 206th Day of 2014!
Happy Last Weekend of July!

It’s been good week. I got more done than what I thought I could do. Time seem to have flown by this week. 249 more words


Worst Pain Experienced:

Notes From Thursday, 24 September 2009
Worst Pain Experienced: Made Stronger

I had to think on this one. Worst Pain …? Is that physically, mentally or emotionally? 273 more words