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Quiet, Listening, Still

Happy 256th Day of 2014!

Hope you are doing okay! It’s been a wonderful weekend.
It’s my churchlife beginning anniversary.
Happy Anniversary to me!

This Sept 12 this year was good. 171 more words


Church Going Anniversary

Happy 255th Day of 2014!

It’s my unofficial anniversary of my church going life. It’s been 21 years in the doing. It’s been a long journey. 202 more words



It’s the 254th day of 2014.

It’s the day the we remember in the United States of America!
Many lives have been changed since 09/11 01. 71 more words


Thinking And Praying,

Happy 253rd Day of 2014!

We’re on the eve of 9/11 anniversary. We can’t forget that day. Every year around this time I pray nothing would try to copy cat what happened on the 9/11/01. 128 more words


Reflections Of Life: Poem

Happy 252nd Day of 2014!

I have been future posting and finishing up on some of my poems.
I’ve been slacking off in my doing so. 143 more words


Praying And Praying Believing

Happy 251st Day of 2014!

In these days and age, we need to pray more. There is so much going on around us. The world is growing more and more into wars and horrible things occurring. 102 more words


Turn Another Page

Happy 249th Day of 2014!
Poem by S.A. Blakley

Stepping into life Turn another page
Church is still changing Into God’s new age

His kingdom has come His will shall be done… 67 more words