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Enjoying My New Device

Happy 36th Day of Lent! I enjoyed my birthday. Thanks to those who wished me a Happy Birthday! Blessings to you.

I’ve been getting use to my new computer. 142 more words


Writing A New Chapter

Happy 35th Day of Lent! Happy Birthday to me! Happy Day to you!

The dawn of the 8th day has arrived. It’s official! Another milestone has come to pass. 180 more words


The Blessings Of God

Happy 34th Day of Lent! It’s New Year’s Eve for me. I’ve been doing my last doing for this old year. My new year begins at 9:48 AM cst on April the 8th. 271 more words


The Journey Continues

Greetings to you! Happy 32nd Day of Lent! Happy 1st Saturday of April!

It’s been a changing week for me. I made the transition in my computers. 138 more words


1st Weekend In April 2014

O Happy Day! Welcome to the 1st Weekend of April! Happy 31st Day of Lent.

It’s my last weekend before my birthday on Tuesday. I’ve been counting my days down. 67 more words


Accept It

Happy 30th Day of Lent 2014!

Thought to share a blog from the past.
May the Lord bless you.

Thanks for reading,

Notes from Wednesday, 28 March 2007… 596 more words


A Week Away

I’m just a week away from disconnecting with the internet. That’s with my old computers. It’s a new beginning for me. Change has come.

Well, I had to get another computer. 173 more words