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Grand Scheme Winter 14

Grand Scheme recently released their new Winter 14 collection to selected retailers across the UK. Including some key stand out styles such as the 3M reflective courier jacket, tech bonded fleece outer wear, cut and sew woven’s and long sleeve shirts, custom cut and sew chinos and joggers. 9 more words

Listening Reflections (22nd October)

After listening to the playlist I created after the lecture, I feel a lot more knowledgeable about the different types of soundscape artist working today. 274 more words


The Smith analysis....

A serial relationship-ist: He is someone who jumps from one relationship to the next after breaking it off with another because it is all too lonely for him without human company and he hates being lonely. 637 more words


Counter Clockwise

I can feel my hurt heart healing
Like a wound, sometimes it opens
If I move the wrong way
But it is healing
Always healing
From cuts made long ago


I spent so much time terrified by a book.
This little blue book, filled with practical and profound knowledge.

I was terrified of its pages, of what the words might suggest. 59 more words

Lecture Reflections (20th October)

I really enjoyed the lecture yesterday, a lot more than I thought I would. It helped consolidate my research so far and also gave me some new avenues to explore, particularly the website Framework which I will be visiting later today to get some podcasts for my iPod. 197 more words


Listening Reflections (20th October)

I did some preliminary listening yesterday before my CMC lecture. I was very busy over the weekend and had intended to sit down and listen to some of Chris Watson’s music sooner but I just didn’t have the time to do it properly. 192 more words