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So here I am, back again, writing. I can honestly say I’m glad I felt like writing again, I was alarmed about why it was hard… 499 more words

Dystopian Self-Improvement Syndrome

Hi, Gang!

Sometimes I feel I should introduce myself “Hi, I’m Heather, and I’m a self-improvement addict.”

I noticed it again this morning as I was thinking about this blog. 729 more words

Everyday Life

Money Is A Whole Different Ball Game.

As a coach we are often given a voluntary position when starting our career’s as a coach, we use our own time to give something back to a club that we grew up playing for or we simply volunteer back to the sport we love and adore. 970 more words

Don't wind me up, not right now.

I can’t handle it right now. Not at this point in my life. I used to be able to ‘banter’ back. Take the bait and throw it back just for laughs. 319 more words



It’s flowing through the veins of the body.
From your heart and soul, head to toe.
Pertaining to the sights and sounds, stay true to your arms. 24 more words


War Sequence

When I visited Manchester War Museum, I clicked this unusual building in three shots to portray a sequence. As I moved to reveal the shape of the top arch, the clouds were constantly changing creating shadows and sun rays were bursting in and out. 17 more words

Social Anxiety - should I live alone?

I can’t seem to be happy anywhere. My regular phrase in a crisis is “where can I go. I have no where.” The truth is, that’s completely untrue, but let me explain: 423 more words