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Taking Part In The Brutal & Necessary

Do you want to hear about killing a dog? Neither do I. I don’t want to write this. I want to forget about; put it in the furthest corners of my jumbled up brain while hoping it replaces itself over time. 746 more words

Two Necessary Seasons of Life: Pruning and Dormancy



Last year my prayer life told me it was pruning season. After years of being in the full bloom of my outward call, it was time to re-evaluate life’s commitments. 426 more words


We Continue

The same song plays on repeat. Anyone looking in would confess to a man gone crazy. No sane person listens to the same song 29 times over by choice. 360 more words


A Moment in History

I didn’t realize how much I’ve really been writing lately until I looked down at my paper in my writing class today and realized that my pen was out of ink. 528 more words


Better Days/ Wanderer

At times so lost
You’re so far away
I sit on my bed,
Listen to your old tapes
The guitar sings out
In my little room… 335 more words



When she first broke on to the scene with ‘212’, Azealia Banks was everyone’s Next Big Thing.  Over two years, a record that label turned sour and countless tedious Twitter beefs later, she’s still got that foul-mouthed, rapid-fire delivery that made us love her in the first place.   36 more words

Hip Hop

Sex with the Moonroof Open

The Driver pulled up on the hill,  in front of my house always arriving 15 to 30 minutes early. In the limousine industry, there are some drivers that aim to please and keep the client happy so that the satisfied  customer will request the same driver for another day. 714 more words