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Off the Beaten Track.

Not many people can say they have owned a unicycle. Nor can they say they have experienced the affliction of having to endure eurythmy classes twice a week with juvenile delinquents whose leash of freedom to disrupt the dreary class was unrelenting. 856 more words


Typically Atypical

Yo soy una mujer.
I’ve decided to learn Spanish. All I’ve learned so far is to correct you, hombre, if you doubt my gender.
Rest assured, if I’m ever in Spain, you’ll know, “I am a woman.” 520 more words


Weekly Summary: 19.1.15 - 25.1.15

Due to running out of virtual space, I have had to deal with external storage issues, before being able to make any more digital work. though having freed just enough space for a small amount of video editing, I finished the film for the… 249 more words

A Few Thoughts on Writing

“‘Always on horseback, and never rides on.’”     From The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin 

Benjamin Franklin was waiting, in New York, for a packet of documents from – and signed by – Governor Denny. 998 more words


23 January 2015

Today I took a picture of some ceramics.


Talk Saturday

Here’s a fact about me that most people don’t know. I’m the 2nd born of 6 children. I love my big family and I love the energy when I’m in a friends house and they have older kids running around. 39 more words


One of my biggest fears as a cyclist is getting hit by a car. Fortunately, in the 46 years I’ve been on the planet I have only been hit 3 times, and each time was very minor. 301 more words