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Wait, you people are here to listen to me?!

So, I’ve had an unconventional summer. As I am a generally lazy human and managed to forget to book a holiday away with friends, I’ve ended up doing some things that I wasn’t expecting to do, which were quite different to what a lot of my friends have been doing. 909 more words

On Dilemmas Associated with Judaism that Are Not Actually Dilemmas At All

Not knowing who Rabbi Andy Bachman is, I certainly cannot give him any kind of career advice, but as a Jew, it troubles me that a rabbi believes that he needs to leave the pulpit in order to do more good in the world. 530 more words

Rebuilding the Temple

In Judaism we pray about the restauration of the temple and the temple service every day in the Amida (the central prayer of every service). At least for me this is sort of automatic and I mostly don’t think about it, but with Tisha BeAv around I couldn’t help it. 292 more words


Tisha B'Av and the need for personal responsibility in keeping Judaism alive.

On this day in Jewish history, this day in 586 BCE,  the Holy Temple (Beit Hamikdash) of the ancient Jews was destroyed. Our Orthodox and many Conservative coreligionists believe that, on this day, the Jewish world was draped in darkness. 564 more words

My Moral Code

Guest post: A plea for unity in the Seattle Jewish community

Why, when I look at the list of sponsors of Seattle’s rally for Israel,  are there five Orthodox synagogues, five Orthodox schools and student groups, StandWithUs and Hadassah, but no one else?  891 more words



Good Morning, Minions:

Imagine, if you will, being an almost middle aged person and discovering that you’re a Jew. No, really. A hereditary Jew. And that a chunk of your family (6 Aunts and Uncles, along with their children and their children’s descendants, and all of the children that they might have had, died in Nazi Concentration camps in what Jews refer to as the “Shoah” (devastation). 432 more words

U.S. Sociology

Shalom! Here is a Summer update!

I’ve been really slacking when it comes to this blog.  When I first started it last Fall while in Madison, I did my best to fill it with content.   474 more words