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Inside and Outside Questions of Jewish Education

It’s been a while. Time to shave the stubble off of the blog’s beard and contribute some substance.  In doing some research on articulating my own philosophy of Jewish Education, I dug up some articles I had saved, and rediscovered a few gems.  620 more words

Reform Judaism

Orthodox and Non-Orthodox Judaism

Two Contrary Understandings of Judaism

For American non-Orthodox Jews, who are the vast majority in the United States (the number of American Jews who identify with Orthodoxy at a maximum is 10 percent, whereas something like 75 percent identify with the various non-Orthodox movements) see Judaism from an American religious perspective that has been shaped by the experience Protestant as a matter of personal spirituality and belief first and foremost, which means that Jews must begin by personally accepting the fundamental beliefs and traditions of Judaism in some way but then are free to apply them operationally in ways that they find meaningful and satisfying.

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Some Church Denominations Divided Over Homosexual Marriage After Supreme Court Decision

Now that same-sex marriage is legal in North Carolina, will we soon see gay and lesbian weddings in Charlotte-area houses of worship? 412 more words


A Life of Passion; A Life of Truth (A Kol Nidrei Sermon)

I have a confession to make.

Sometimes I act like the rabbi I think I should be instead of the rabbi I really am.
We often put on professional masks or professional airs, perhaps. 2,861 more words

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Jewish Groups Back Muslim Woman’s Headscarf Appeal to Supreme Court

Two Jewish groups joined a friend of the court brief on behalf of a Muslim woman whose right to wear a headscarf in a retail job is under consideration by the Supreme Court. 163 more words


"Shabbat Shalom" Reform Judaism and Progressive Christianity #UMC

I was delighted when they said to me, “Let us go to the house of the Lord.” (Psalm 122, NKJV)

And so I was. Last week, I was in New York City enjoying a mini-reunion with a couple of people who had attended Rice University the same time as I. 1,596 more words


Tribe Circus

Wow. An owner of a restaurant made an anti semitic comment to a Rabbi who had ordered a salad.  Surprisingly the online reaction to the story can only be described as a colorful commentary circus. 116 more words