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Mean Girls

I never expected that working in a Reform Jewish Temple would be like the movie “Mean Girls.”

The main office has the plastics, and the school office is basically everyone else. 15 more words

Lindsay Lohan

Rabbi Rick Block's Address on Freedom of the Pulpit and Israel at CCAR 2014

Speaking of Israel: Rabbis and Freedom of the Pulpit

Sermon Delivered by Rabbi Richard A. Block

President, Central Conference of American Rabbis

At the CCAR’s 125th Annual Convention… 3,006 more words

We Are For Israel

Book Excerpt: The Meaning of Passover

To understand the Exodus narrative, we must view it as a war – a boxing match if you will –between gods. In one corner, we have the Egyptian god, Pharaoh. 452 more words


Elijah’s Role on Yom Kippur

It is for good reason that Jews close Yom Kippur — just before the blowing of the shofar— with the triumphant cry from the  passage (First Kings, Chapter 19) in which Elijah vanquishes the prophets of Ba’al on Mt. 441 more words


Rabbi Hillel On Facebook


            Facebook, Instagram and the like, can be narcissism at its finest.  I am as guilty as the rest of them.  I must admit, I have posted family pictures of happy occasions and I do enjoy seeing friends’ special occasions in pictures.  233 more words

Information about the World Zionist Congress Elections and ARZENU

Make your voice heard, make a difference
If you care about the Reform Movement in Israel, if you support egalitarian prayer, if you believe in freedom of religion, the right of Reform rabbis to conduct marriage, divorce, burial and conversion, if you believe that women should have equal status, here is your chance to make a difference. 1,083 more words

Musings of Interfaith Marriage

Interfaith marriages are happening more and more often. I myself am in an interfaith marriage, and I must admit it has had its challenges. Trying to find a Rabbi to assist with our marriage ceremony was an eye opener for this Midwest girl. 563 more words

Peach Fuzz