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Cast Your Vote for Progressive Judaism

By Scott Birnbaum

As Chair of Temple Shalom’s Israel Committee, I invite you to join me in voting for ARZA, the voice of the Reform Movement in Israel, in the critically important World Zionist Organization Election, that has just begun. 298 more words

Register to Vote in the World Zionist Congress Elections and Vote ARZA Slate

One of the most important steps that Diaspora Jews can take to support Israel’s democracy, pluralism and bond with world Jewry and the state of Israel is to vote in this year’s World Zionist Congress election that is now open for registration and voting through April 15, 2015. 538 more words


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Rabbi John Rosove has said this all so well that I'm just going to repost. Please read! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uULkw5TghAg

Reform Jews Outside the USA?

  • Maybe you’re planning a trip to Europe or Latin America.
  • Maybe your company is moving you to Australia for a year.
  • Maybe you’re a student looking at a year of study abroad.
  • 453 more words

In Conversation: Rabbi Yoni Regev

One benefit of writing this blog is that it gives me an excuse to sit down and talk with our rabbis at much greater length than I normally would. 3,500 more words


My First Steps Toward Conversion and Some Theological Comparisons

In the late afternoon on December 24, Joe and arrived at Temple Emanu-El in Birmingham to meet with Rabbi Miller. As we walked through the parking garage, I said, “I’m kind of nervous.” Joe confessed that he was a little nervous too, but we were both mostly excited. 1,672 more words

Why I'm Leaving the Catholic Church (and What I'm Doing Instead)

I wouldn’t call what I’m going through a “religious crisis.” It probably sounds like one to an outsider, or even to a lifelong Christian (most of the people I know), but it’s not a crisis. 2,493 more words

Changing Society and the realities of diversity today

[#20 in a semester-long series on “Religion in America.” Click here for the initial post, or here for the previous post; the syllabus is available on Academia.edu] 701 more words

Religion In America