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Hinch to meet Bleijie over sex offender register | Brisbane Times

Derryn Hinch believes Queensland is primed to become the first Australian state to introduce a US-style public sex offender register, and reckons Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie is the man who can push it through. 47 more words


The 3 Questions Music Education Advocates Need to Answer

I know that Music Education Advocacy is a challenging battle.  Sometimes when a boxer takes enough beatings, it’s tough to get up off of the stool to go another round.   588 more words

The Arts

Pick One! And Student Input to the Rescue

Pick one: build prisons or improve education.

Does that get your undivided attention? There are countless studies that prove that children who are not educated are highly likely to become criminals, abuse drugs and/or alcohol, or become violent teens and adults. 1,337 more words


Would You Believe...?

As data-driven and evidence-based challenges to the efficacy of the untested Common Core State Standards become stronger and louder, it appears CCSS supporters are growing desperate and resorting to Maxwell Smart’s catchphrase and tactic of backpedaling and switching between unconvincing and unsubstantiated claims. 650 more words

Major Win For School Choice: Charter Students Smarter, Earn More

July 22, 2014 vy Robby Soave

A just-released study from the University of Arkansas provides a substantial endorsement of charter school education. U.S. students who spent several years in charter schools were found to score significantly better on tests and make more money than their counterparts in traditional K-12 public schools, when adjusted for funding discrepancies. 306 more words


Caregivers (Family) are Often the Casualties, the Hidden Victims in Traumatic Brain Injury

“Caregivers are often the Casualties, the Hidden Victims.  No one Sees the Sacrifices They Make”

We are the ones to make sure our loved ones in institutions are treated with respect, dignity, safe and loved.   383 more words

Arne Duncan: Common Core Transition Will Give States More Time To Make Evaluations Count

In what some see as a tacit recognition of the Obama administration’s overreach into nitty-gritty management of America’s schools, U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan will give states a reprieve from certain aspects of teacher evaluations’ consequences and the new wave of testing tied to the Common Core. 73 more words