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Unconsciously Changing Clients Personal Limitations During Conversation

Unconsciously Changing Clients Personal Limitations During Conversation

Many clients arrive in therapy sessions for both life coaches and hypnotherapy sessions with limiting beliefs and negative personal generalisations. 968 more words


Point of View

I spent the Bank holiday weekend at Reading Festival. Being well past the age when camping in overcrowded conditions with thousands of insomniac teenagers stopped being fun I now temper my festival experience by staying in a local hotel. 1,058 more words

Reconfiguration and Reframing

Domino’s Pizza Turnaround Strategy is an interesting case study in strategic initiatives, which I have described in detail in this article. Its core competitive challenge involved shrinking market share, declining revenues, and public relations problems.  743 more words

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NLP Practice Group Manchester

NLP Practice Group Manchester

Back by Popular Demand

Previously myself and a fellow coach ran a successful Manchester NLP Practice Group. Since we disbanded the group, I constantly receive e-mails from NLPers, Coaches and Hypnotherapist  asking when the group will re-start. 525 more words


Reframing a Tough Day

Reframing a tough day can change your perspective, your attitude and your forward motion. As Steven Furtick from Elevation Church in Charlotte says, “You can nurse it, curse it or rehearse it … but God can help you reverse it!” When you realize you are nursing or feeding a bad attitude, or cursing someone who got in your way, or rehearsing a negative comment, just stop for a second! 117 more words

Reframing - neuer Rahmen, neue Aussicht

Es gibt eine NLP-Technik, die sich Reframing nennt. Was ist das? Man gibt einer Sache, einer Angeleenheit oder einem Ereignis einen neuen gedanklichen “Rahmen”. Es ist eine effiziente Methode, die Sichtweise zu aendern. 147 more words

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There is a NLP technique called “reframing”. What you do is put a different frame on an item, an action or an event. It is an efficient way to change how things look for you. 222 more words

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