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I am trying get back up to speed.  I am trying to pick up where I have left off.  I hope my words come back.  It is an exercise, you know – this tapping out my thoughts, my angst, my loves and hates.   336 more words

Isn't it wonderful that thorns have roses?

“Only in art will the lion lie down with the lamb, and the rose grow without the thorn.”  Martin Amis (b. 1945), English novelist

… but isn’t it wonderful, my friends, that in life thorns have roses? 40 more words


don't waste your life living in this moment

It is the thing to do right now. Be mindful! Be present in this moment! Look at all the good things you have right now and be grateful for them! 335 more words


IF / THEN ==> Procrastination

X My heart is saying I don’t understand or accept or desire it enough to do it now. My brain just needs to figure out why. 75 more words


09 Ptp: Reframing the Question(s)

1. How do you tell a cohesive story in a short film (a few minutes)?

2. How do you create a fulfilling experience in a short film? 476 more words


PtP: Reframing the Question

For my Ironman helmet project, two big problems are

1.How can I make the helmet within my ability?

2.How can I make motorized function for the helmet within my ablility? 290 more words


Ptp: Reframing the Question

Why would people be enticed to incorporate this type of app into their daily mobile habits?

People like to use and abuse any systems that could bring forth monetary benefits.   113 more words