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Remembering A Life Well-Lived

A few years ago I was privileged to spend time in the English countryside in the springtime.  Honestly, it was like being dropped into a Beatrix Potter story except that she’s from the Lake District, and I was in Devon.   1,976 more words


what are your strategies for dealing with fear?

We all experience fear and we all have strategies for dealing with it. Applying for a new job; asking for a pay rise; submitting proposals; cold calling; annual performance review; submitting proposals; asking someone out – all can be rich sources of fear! 1,254 more words


A More Open Feminism

Something occured to me, today, while sitting at a teahouse in the Castro and watching people pass each other on the street with less than a-glance-and-a-nod. 747 more words

Fear- Boyace Van Harlan Jr.,PhD

What is the Function of Fear? -Boyace Van Harlan Jr., PhD

Fear’s main function in our lives is to stimulate powerful physical responses, either fight or flight, allowing us to retreat from danger in time. 218 more words

Reframing Memories

I sat down to write this week with a gnawing inside, compelling me to draft a breath of an autobiography. I felt that readers should know my past in order to understand my present and see my future. 621 more words


Waiting for Happiness? 7 Ways to Embrace it Now.

I’m not sure this is an American construct, but I have felt that for most of my life that I would be happy once I: Got out of college, got a job, got married, got divorced, bought a house, moved, made a million dollars. 831 more words

Workplace Navigator


I’m presently sitting in the waiting room at our home away from home–the specialty hospital where Grace’s neurologist works.  We were here last fall overnight.  We come here for Grace’s Toradol injections.   1,266 more words