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it is like learning to ride a bike - we never forget, we rarely remember

There is always one.

The one in front and the one behind.

One who appears to be more skilled. One who is trying their best to keep up. 719 more words


Rejection Reframed (The first of a series)

After my “Reframing Rejection” blog, one of my (wonderful!) Patreon supporters suggested a possible solution to my application motivation question. My patron’s solution? 628 more words


The Reframe Game

Yesterday, at the beginning of my second week in treatment, Claire, a former patient of my treatment center came to talk to us about sustaining recovery in the real world. 557 more words

Eating Disorder Recovery

Haves, not have-nots

I was about to go onto Facebook and make a list of my woes. Really, I was. My personal life is tough right now, I’m finishing a book and starting another on top of my regular work, several things have broken at home, and my tech is failing too. 79 more words

Daily Affirmation Saturday 27 September

Coventry Hypnosis

I can accept and embrace change

Something new can sometimes be scary.

That’s part of the reason why restaurant chains like MacDonalds or KFC are so popular. 166 more words


Daily Affirmation Friday 26 September

Coventry Hypnosis

I now choose the path I take

It’s easy to feel as though sometimes we don’t have a choice – but we do. 208 more words


Daily Affirmation Thursday 25 September

Coventry Hypnosis

Today I will see solutions instead of problems

Some days it’s all to easy to see everything as a problem.

Make today different. When you are confronted with something, look for the solution. 161 more words