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And here's another piece of Camberley history!

According to Ken Clarke’s invaluable guide to the history of Camberley pubs, the Royal Standard dates from the 1860s and had major alterations a hundred years later.   27 more words


A Word from me to you!

(Inspired by the bible plan ‘Our daily bread’ on the bible app ‘You version’)

A pastor came into a church and kept repeating a sermon over and over again until people started wondering why he was doing this, he then replied and said to them, I will change my sermon topic when you start living out the one I’m preaching now. 217 more words


More mixed architecture along the Frimley Road.......

Some people complain that Camberley doesn’t have enough diversity – of history, architecture or retail outlets – but you can’t complain about these three buildings, can you? 46 more words


"Home" Is Where the Hurt Is...?

I went into the basement of my home church for the first time in three years. It had been renovated, and as I looked around, I realized… 794 more words

The Gospel According to Hot Chocolate

I absolutely LOVE hot chocolate.  I drink it year round and I have about 10 different ways to make it in my kitchen – hot chocolate with cinnamon,  hot chocolate + the tiniest bit of french vanilla cappuccino – you can add whipped cream, peppermint, caramel, extra chocolate chips, almond extract, marshmallows, and combinations of all of the above. 767 more words

October 9, 2014

lemon slices
spiral toward refreshment
water rests on tongue

© Amanda Stemen – 2014

The Crippled Messenger

“Well, sometimes it depends on where you are. For example, lets say a person gets injured in a car accident and is now temporarily a quadriplegic- in a wheelchair with broken arms and everything-  it wouldn’t make sense if that person was the one trying to teach people how to walk. 789 more words