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Put Your Food in an Alien Womb Because Future.

Watching a 1950’s-era video –  replete with scratchy recordings of terrible dancehall orchestras and rejected-from-Disney animation – wherein a man tells you that in the future magazines will smell like steaks and the management class work three days a week and never pay attention while driving… 228 more words

Alien Goo

Cleaning up the Kitchen

For some reason I felt like conducting a purge this weekend. It rained for most of the day Saturday and when the rain stopped the humidity made it feel like someone was steam pressing your shirt while you wore it. 445 more words


Your Frugal Fridge!

Now that it’s summer, most of us start thinking about keeping our electric bill in bounds! One way to do that is to keep your refrigerator and freezer, if you have one, running efficiently. 285 more words


It's gone!

The hole that is. Here it is before I bricked it up. It shows the door-opening leading into the small room we will be converting into a toilet. 605 more words

House And Home

DIY Refrigerator Update by Decorationzy

Yesterday we got to discover far more about Elsie and Emma of A Lovely Mess and today I’m thrilled to be sharing 1 of my favored project tips from their new book, Content Handmade Residence. 38 more words

She's so cool.

Jessie is small and bendy. And she has cool jobs. She made her job at NYC Fashion Week even cooler by fitting in a… cooler! 14 more words


Our refrigerator door hides an embarrassment of riches. Juice for dinner, anyone? Bread, perhaps? Maybe you’re in the mood for some cat medicine? We’ve got you covered.

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