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Jordan is America’s ‘Habibi’

André Vltchek writes for CounterPunch:

‘The formula is simple: Jordan is helping the West to destabilize nations of the region, including Iraq and Syria. As a result, hundreds of thousands of refugees are crossing its borders, flooding its deserts and cities. 122 more words


Displaced Persons

The other day when I was awake in bed for a while, my thoughts went to the refugees from the Eastern Ukraine. I remembered pictures of women and children in Russian refugee camps. 575 more words


Lebanese gather to join in solidarity with Gaza

This week, the international community has witnessed countless protests demanding the halt of Israel’s ground intervention and airstrikes on Gaza, ranging from populated demonstrations in London to violent ones in Paris. 652 more words


"We don’t see the emotional needs": Caring for Young Children in Refugee Camps

The world’s refugee crisis is not getting any smaller. In 2013, there were 10.4 million people around the world with the designation “of concern to the UNHCR” – a group of people usually known as refugees, in addition 4.8 million people in the Middle East were cared for by the UNRWA. 1,334 more words

Culture & Integration

Angelina Jolie- Not and Angel but also not a Burden!

Angelina Jolie- No Angel but also not a burden

Dadaab, Zaatari, Breidjing Camp: All names of refugee Camps that take in refugees that fled from their country because of conflicts or natural disasters. 2,394 more words

Goodwill Ambassadors

The Women of my Family- Stories from Dadaab

By Mohamed Hussein, Dadaab, Kenya

My Sister and Mother

Maryan, now a little girl, was very distressed. She could discern that her mother was sick, her father blind. 574 more words



I never really thought about how refugees are trapped in the camps and towns set up for them until recently. My mind began to open and understand (as much as I could) how refugees are living in these camps or constructed towns through reading the chapters.  1,137 more words