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Hope Came Down

Hope came down and pitched its tent, in our midst, went where we went. Hope came down for you and me, hope came down and we could see, with the longing of our hearts…Hope came down.

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Policy shift within UNHCR: alternatives for encampment


UNHCR has just released a new policy on alternatives to refugees camps. The policy paper indicates that refugee camps, while remaining an important feature of the humanitarian landscape, might also have a signigicant negative impact on the longer term for all concerned. 147 more words


The tragedy of refugees

Ethiopia is currently having to deal with a huge number of refugees, estimated at around 650,000 people coming across the border from Somalia, Eritrea and of course South Sudan. 540 more words


Worlds Collide

I took this picture after I wrapped my grandma’s sash around my head. I wanted to show that it had many uses. The necklace is from China, but it reminded me of Hmong art so I thought it was fitting. 377 more words

Capture the Moment

To find compelling photos that told a story I looked at blog published by TIME Magazine called LightBox.  TIME Magazine is known for some of the best photojournalism and has captured many of the most memorable moments in history.   144 more words


Sabra and Shatilla then, Yarmouk today

As we commemorate 32 years since the slaughter of Palestinians in the refugee camps of Sabra and Shatilla, Yarmouk must be addressed once again.

There is a certain binary between what happened in 1982, and what is occurring today in Yarmouk refugee camp. 222 more words



“Adam, where are you?” (cf. Gen 3:9). Where are you, o man? What have you come to? …Who corrupted you? Who disfigured you? Who led you to presume that you are the master of good and evil?

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