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Education for Refugees


According to the United Nations Refugee Agency known as the UNHCR, a refugee is defined as:

someone who, owing to a well-founded fear of being persecuted for reasons of race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group or political opinion, is outside the country of his nationality and is unable or, owing to such fear, is unwilling to avail himself of the protection of that country; or who, not having a nationality and being outside the country of his former habitual residence as a result of such events, is unable or, owing to such fear, is unwilling to return to it…

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Social Research

Challenges of Education in a Refugee Camp

The video below by Al-Fanar Media is filmed at world’s second largest refugee camp, Zataari, located in Jordan. It highlights the challenges formal education faces in these camps. 524 more words

Education Transformation

Adopt Pelikino - Donate!

After our successful Pelikino Summer Program 2014 we are now working hard on providing Pelikino education to more Syrian refugee children in Lebanon and around the region. 60 more words