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Migrant Boat Capsizes Off Libyan Coast

“Migrant boat carrying 100 capsizes off Libya coast,” from the Daily Star:

A boat carrying more than 100 migrants capsized off the coast near the Libyan capital, a coast guard official said Sunday.

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How has War in South Sudan Impacted the Lives of Women and Children?

The violence and humanitarian crisis may have faded from our television screens…but it continues unabated. This report by AwakeAfrica includes an interview that I gave to one of its reporters, Ann Kaguma: 1,302 more words


Poland Ready for Ukrainian Refugees

“Poland is ready to accept Ukrainian refugees,” assured Ewa Piechota, spokesperson for the Office for Foreigners in Poland, on radio RDC. The Office has been monitoring the escalation of the conflict in Ukraine very carefully. 99 more words


Italian Navy Rescues 4,000 Migrant Refugees

“Italy rescues almost 4,000 migrants, many children,” from ANSAmed:

Almost 4,000 migrants arrived in Italy over the weekend, including one ship bearing as many as 100 children and at least two pregnant women among its 1,044 passengers, authorities said Monday.

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I'm Tired Of TEA: Tyrants, Extremist, and Authoritarians

I don’t know about the rest of you but I sure do love iced tea on a hot summer’s day.  Here in Arizona we are quite fond of tea but were not as fussy as the British about it and often drink our tea ice-cold, which no self-respecting Brit would ever do.  3,045 more words


'March Australia' protesters take to the streets of Brisbane


Scenes from ‘March Australia’ rally in Brisbane CBD. Photos: Audrey Courty

Thousands of protesters marched through Brisbane CBD on Sunday as part of a nationwide protest against Federal Government policies. 444 more words


The Syrian crisis (psycho social and educational imapct)

According to UNHCR[1], the Syrian crisis is the fastest growing refugee crisis with over 3.45 million Syrian refugees in the five host countries by the end of 2013. 1,124 more words