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‘Mafia Capital’: Gomorra reaches Rome

‘Gomorra’ in Rome. The investigation of ‘Mafia Capital’ reveals that Italian organized crime has no boundaries and can even settle in the Eternal City. Thirty-seven arrests, including a former Nar (“armed revolutionary nucleus” the italian neofascist militant organization active from 1977 to November 1981) Massimo Carminati, the boss of the so-called “middle world”, and a hundred suspects, including the former Mayor of Rome Gianni Alemanno. 975 more words


Ottawa spent $1.4M in court to fight for refugee health cuts

Not surprised at the legal costs in defending the cuts to refugee claimant healthcare but one of the consequences of a bad initial decision:

In November, the government announced to partially restore the service cuts while it appealed the ruling.

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Warsan Shire's "Conversations at Home (at the Deportation Centre)" and Refugees

A dear friend gave me a copy of Warsan Shire’s “teaching my mother how to give birth” over the holidays, and I’ve been savoring the book, published in 2011. 426 more words


If I Were Queen* of the World... [#ThoughtfulThursday Selection]

Uneasy is the head that wears the crown…

Leadership is about convincing those whom you lead to do those things that they would not otherwise do. 772 more words


Australia Named As One Of The World's Worst Human Rights Offenders

Australia has been named and shamed on a list of the world’s worst human rights offenders – but it’s not for the reasons you may think. 760 more words

'I Did Not Convert. I Did Not Say Prayers.'

LALISH, Iraq — Samira Benav and her mother were overwhelmed with emotions as they hugged Khero, Samira’s older brother, in a building by the side of the complex of stone buildings with conical roofs that house the shrines of Yazidi saints. 1,093 more words