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AGNES, 2006

of notable excellence or magnificence


out with the old

we’re trying to have more friends over this year – cook meals and get reconnected with the people we care about but rarely see. but i turn into a walking panic attack when presented with the prospect of new folks coming over to see how we decorate our bathroom, what we put on our walls, and how many dog hairs are (or seem) permanently weaved into the fabric of our furniture. 175 more words


All Hail, His Royal Highness King Kano

Kano, looking rather regal hahaha. I’m sorry, I just had to share this photo. Oh god I love him so much, I can’t cope.

Cire Trudon

I love the alluring fragrance and the romantic ambience given out by the soft glow of candlelight. Over the years I have bought many different brands of “luxury” candles from Jo Malone, Neom, Voluspa, Tom Dixon to Dyptique and so on but more recently I have become besotted with “Trudon”. 466 more words

Red and Gold Ceiling Medallions

As tends to happen in life, I was walking through a building I had visited many times before when I decided to look up at the ceiling. 178 more words


Regal and Knowing

12th January 2015

What knowledge did these wise-one hold? They were given this title ‘Magi’, the root word which gives us ‘magic’ and ‘magician’ and were said to have great understanding in fields which included astrology, alchemy and other forms of esoteric knowledge. 56 more words

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