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Day 337 - Another bus stop inspired song

I think I might need to hang out at bus stops more as while I was waiting for a bus earlier today, I came up with the idea for this song. 229 more words

Songwriting Challenge

who are eccentrics?

Eccentrics are not people who deliberately try to be odd, they simply are odd. The true eccentric is not merely indifferent to public opinion, but he simply does what he does, because of who he is. 24 more words


I am Jealous

I am jealous. Jealous of so many things. Jealous of the people on vacation in Florida. Jealous of the people that get up and read poetry at poetry slams. 185 more words

Word Check

Don’t make these linguistic mistakes

With hundreds of thousands of words in the English Language, you’re bound to misuse some now and then. Here are five frequently misused words and how to stop the abuse. 230 more words


True Love


my darkest secrets


my jagged heart


me regardless

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February 28th - Regardless

Regardless – adv: despite everything

I watched the other Stormtrooper check the picture and decided that fate had given me a chance. I steeled my courage, stepped over to them, and took off my helmet. 204 more words