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Extracting Digits from Text: Using Formulas and Designing a Missing Excel Function: GROUPS

An Excel problem that crops up quite often is how to extract digits (0-9) from text. The text might be part numbers, or web addresses, or currency values or … 949 more words


How I Would "Improve" Regular Expressions

Regular expressions are an indispensable tool for any developer. They ease the pain of parsing strings and virtually every programming language and IDE supports them. But like anything else, there’s always room for improvements. 1,108 more words


Canned Regular Expressions: qdapRegex 0.1.2 on CRAN

We’re pleased to announce first CRAN release of qdapRegex! You can read about qdapRegex or skip right to the examples.

qdapRegex is a collection of regular expression tools associated with the… 1,273 more words


Regular expressions for everyone else

Regular expressions are an amazing tool for working with character data, but they are also painful to read and write.  Even after years of working with them, I struggle to remember the syntax for negative lookahead, or which way round the start and end anchor symbols go. 405 more words


HTML5 Form Validation With Regex

There are two ideas that enters the scene now:

  • The tag has new type attribute values like url, email, date, telephone number, and color.
  • The tag has the new attribute…
  • 79 more words

How to validate an email using Regex in Java

Validating an email address in Java is quite simple with the Regular Expression(regex). I searched for many of the regular expression and found a simple way of validating an email. 111 more words