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Test your regex


This is a great place where you can test your regular expression. It also provides a very good explanation of the your regex string. 37 more words


Bad Code Entitles Good Exploits

I have yet to create a full taxonomy of the mistakes developers make that lead to insecure code.
As a brief note towards that effort, here’s an HTML injection (aka cross-site scripting) example that’s due to a series of tragic assumptions that conspire to not only leave the site vulnerable, but waste lines of code doing so. 636 more words

Html Injection

Moving from Google Code to GitHub: Migrating the wiki

When moving your project repositories from Google Code to GitHub, the migration from SVN to Git is supported by a a rich toolset.

Software Development

Hugging and loving regular expressions

It’s interesting how we think something works and how it really works.
This talk explains the mechanics behind regexs and has surely allowed me to better understand them. 13 more words

Exim: Creating and using Macros

The topic looks easy, but implementing them was a great learning experience, as I found it. Macros helps to make reuse a lot of code, and make the exim configuration look tidy. 167 more words


Using regular expressions in SPSS

SPSS has a native set of string manipulations that will suffice for many simple situations. But with the ability to call Python routines, one can use… 779 more words