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Extracting information from a text using Regex and Match in C# .NET

Occasionally you need to extract some information from a free-text form. Consider the following text:

First name: Elvis
Last name: Presley
Address: 1 Heaven Street… 205 more words


Replacing substrings using Regex in C# .NET: phone number example

In this post we saw an application of Regex and Match to reformat date strings. Let’s check another example: change the following phone number formats…: 74 more words


Phone and ZIP format checker examples from C# .NET

It’s a common task to check the validity of an input in any application. Some inputs must follow a specific format, like phone numbers and ZIP codes. 99 more words


Alteryx: Aggregate Formulas

One of the really great strengths of Alteryx is that is can handle any amount of data that you throw at it.  If your data is small enough, it might all be in memory, but when Alteryx gets more data than fits, it silently swaps out to disk.  788 more words


Replacing substrings using Regex in C# .NET: string cleaning example

We often need to sanitize string inputs where the input value is out of our control. Some of those inputs can come with unwanted characters. The following method using Regex removes all non-alphanumeric characters except for ‘@’, ‘-‘ and ‘.': 46 more words


Adding (Relatively) Complex Logic to Regular Expressions


Both in the course of my day job and as part of my less action-packed hobbies I often find myself having to build regular expressions to process some quite unpleasant strings. 1,474 more words