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Regular Expressions

Ref : Unix Power Tools (Chap 26 Regular Expressions)

  • Don’t confuse regexes with filename matching patterns (regexes must be quoted so the shell wont expand the arguments before passing them to the program).
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java regular expressions

Java Regular Expressions

  • Consists of:
  • Pattern Class – Used to represent regular expressions (see Javadoc for types of regular expressions allowed).
  • Matcher Class – Matches a regular expression against the input stream.
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Much ado about nothing

Leia em português

These days I’ve been doing some hard work, believing it was smart work.

I was bothered by the mess an OmegaT glossary would become, with items listed in the order they were added, there could even be repeated items and I wouldn’t notice them. 370 more words

In English

Muito barulho por nada

Read it in English

Esses dias eu andei fazendo trabalho duro, pensando que era trabalho esperto.

Me incomodava a bagunça que virava um glossário do OmegaT, com os itens aparecendo na ordem em que são adicionados, é fácil até ter itens repetidos e eu não ia perceber. 369 more words

Em Português

Software Language Engineering: Intro and the Scanner


So, back to Software Language Engineering. Well, not really; I literally just wrote the preface, and I’m a little burnt out. However, I think it’s only fair that I walk as much as I talk, so allow me to begin this by explaining the core concept of a scanner, and providing you with a little example code. 3,617 more words


Crazy Perl Day

I’m surprised that this is the first time in Perl that I’ve bothered to use the posix character class [:alnum:]. Check this nuttiness out:

($::port_name, $::first_port, $::last_port) = 
  $::port_range =~ 
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Kendo MaskedTextBox Custom Rules

The Kendo UI MaskedTextBox plugin is great for limiting the input entered into a textbox. For instance, to validate a phone number, you could do the following: 106 more words