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Hugging and loving regular expressions

It’s interesting how we think something works and how it really works.
This talk explains the mechanics behind regexs and has surely allowed me to better understand them. 13 more words

Exim: Creating and using Macros

The topic looks easy, but implementing them was a great learning experience, as I found it. Macros helps to make reuse a lot of code, and make the exim configuration look tidy. 130 more words


Using regular expressions in SPSS

SPSS has a native set of string manipulations that will suffice for many simple situations. But with the ability to call Python routines, one can use… 779 more words


Replace multiple charters in a String

You can use a replace regular expression.

s/[;,\t\r ]|[\n]{2}/\n/g
  • s/ at the beginning means a search
  • The characters between [ and ] are the characters to search for (in any order) …
  • 80 more words

Talk to the hand...

… because the head is listening!

In my last article I wrote about the FIT XXth World Congress in Berlin hosted by the BDÜ, and the idea they had of attempting to elicit questions prior to the event through their Conference Bulletin Board.   934 more words

CAT Tools

Extracting Friendly Labels from MDX in Reporting Services

In Reporting Services (SSRS), I found myself in a situation where I needed to extract friendly labels from MDX member keys. I had a fiscal year parameter being passed to another report via a drill through action, and I needed to display the selected fiscal years on the drill through report. 601 more words