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تبديل التعبير النصي عن طريق برنامج النوت باد بلس Notepad++ regular expression replacing

أريد أن أنسخ النصوص لقرائتها بدون ما تكون الإشارة للمرجع موجودة و لحذفها تأخذ وقت و لهذا علينا أيجاد طريقة للبحث و تبديل كامل الإشارات المرجعية , الطريقة الأسرع برأيي هي برنامج النوتباد بلس حيث يستطيع البحث عن أي صيغة نصية تحوي أرقام او أي صيغ… 7 more words


MPOB's Malaysian crude palm oil production data. Another fetching thing with Python and BeautifulSoup

We needed up-to-date Malaysian crude palm oil production data. The MPOB provides such data on its website. It remained to write some ugly but somewhat reliable snippet code in… 510 more words


NotePad++ Lua Function List (with tables)

This morning was a morning well spent, despite being constantly distracted I managed to roll up my sleeves and do a lua function parser for Notepad++ (rather than wasting my time with actual work). 314 more words

Monitor Oracle Golden Gate from SQL

One of my presentations at Collaborate 14 this year revolves around how many different ways there are to monitor Oracle Golden Gate.   As I was putting the presentation together, I was listing out the different ways for monitoring. 345 more words


Replace text in file

File.WriteAllText(filePath, Regex.Replace(File.ReadAllText(filePath),"", ""));

Ignore decimal numbers/values while using Split() in C#/Java

Suppose you have a string you wanted to split using the period character. However, this particular string has a decimal value or number in it. For example: “Windows Phone 8.1 now has Cortana, a Siri-like feature for the platform.” 179 more words