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The Cornish Expedition Day 3 ~ the 24th day of the month of April in the Year of Our Lord Two Thousand and fourteen

We awoke to the news that Lady Teresa’s work was already bearing fruit. Her account of the early stages of her expedition had stirred such a storm of interest in London that the Prime Minister had announced today, on behalf of Her Majesty, that the Cornish People were to be granted the status of national minority within her Empire. 554 more words


IDS Clinic (1st Visit) - 2 Weeks and My Acne Story

Taken directly after cleansing.

Taken after morning skincare regiment. No Spot, no sunscreen.

My morning skincare regiment:

Last but not the least,

With IDS Sunscreen on. 745 more words

Discuss: Writing Process and Regiment

There’s an idea floating around out there in the literary community that suggests a strict, x number of words milestone per day to qualify one as a real writer. 447 more words


A Look Around The London Scottish Regiment

Andy Parsons showed me inside the London Scottish Regiment for my City University work. In this video we had a look at the impressive memorials in their regimental headquarters.


Disentangling and Disengaging

Knowing what to do isn’t necessarily the hard part.

Doing it is.

Pulling myself out of the downward spiral of feeling bad and just angry is not always easy. 569 more words


And the winner is....

Ellen Degeneres. For creating the best Oscar moment I have ever experienced. The selfie that broke Twitter.

Anyway, that is the last that I will say about the Oscars. 168 more words