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Let's talk about Once Upon a Time- Bleeding Through

I just watched this episode last night and I can’t really write an entire review right now. However, there are three things that I do want to mention: 363 more words

Wicked Women

We commonly talk about women as heroes, but what about women as the villains? Does villainy among women carry too much sexist baggage, or does it expand the scope for our fictional worlds? 1,178 more words


30 Day OUAT Challenge - Day 11

Most Badass Moment

Season 2 Episode 10: Cricket Game

Regina/Evil Queen faces her death and fights back

I think the character of the Evil Queen is pretty badass as it is – it takes nerve to do the things that she has, with no regrets and very few faults in her plans, she had absolute control for a good long while before the good guys inevitably started their attack on her. 229 more words

Once Upon A Time

Let Us Rejoice, the Queen is Good

Well she is getting there. In the most recent episode of Once Upon a Time we saw Regina give Robin Hood a pouch with heart inside; she also informed him that he cannot steal what is being given to him. 135 more words



It should come to no surprise that I love villains in stories. I don’t love being nasty and cruel, but I love exploring the descent into pure and utter hopelessness fuelled by anger and hatred in fictional people. 1,145 more words

A Shared Fear

Regina and Emma both have hidden pasts. Some of it involves a fear of needles. When they are behind on inoculations and Dr Hopper, the shrink is making rounds, what will come out? 11 more words


Let's talk about Once Upon a Time- Quiet Minds

Less than halfway through this episode and I was already an emotional mess. Like, that scene with Hook and Neal in he hospital? How perfect was that? 605 more words