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Record Store Day*

I grew up with vinyl. I was born in 1980, so my early years saw a mixture of cassettes and records coming into the house, and CDs only really took hold in my teenage years. 820 more words

Do Stuff

5 On Friday - 5 Albums To Pick Up On Record Store Day

When people are looking to buy new music, they will often turn to a place like iTunes or Amazon, completely forgetting that there are a number of quality music stores in their own city. 731 more words


Record Store Day this Saturday; Black Keys release another new song

Turns out fate did not have another album release announcement for us this week, but the Black Keys unveiled another song from their new record, tons of new music is surely on the way, and most importantly, Record Store Day is this Saturday. 383 more words

to tie it all up...

This will be the last of my daily blog posts. That’s it–the two weeks are up! It’s been fun and challenging to get a post up every day (or sometimes very late at night). 146 more words

Two New Songs

So I’ve recently been getting really into Regina Spektor’s music, even though I’ve known about her and owned some of her albums for a long time, and as such I’ve been feeling really creative, and I can definitely see this far-off dream of creating a musical album coming closer as more and more lyrics start to pour out of me. 580 more words


#103 Hero

Regina Spektor’s Hero

And the TVs try to rape us

And I guess that they’re succeeding

And we’re going to these meetings

But we’re not doing any meeting…

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Begin To Hope - Regina Spektor

Tracks: 12

I was a bit dubious when I decided to review this album. I’ve actually got (and paid for) all of Spektors albums, but never got round to listening to them until now. 336 more words