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Small is Still Beautiful

The tendency towards fragmentation is an inherent part of the human condition. The drive impelling us to express ourselves, to stand out, and to compete is within each of us. 1,627 more words

Exploring Regionalism and Place

I had a great time this past weekend at Mid-American Review’s Winter Wheat Festival of Writing. Since I know there are a lot of people out there that couldn’t make it to Ohio for the festival, I thought I would share the handout for my session “Exploring Regionalism and Place” here. 1,351 more words

An alliance for the North

One of the most interesting aspects of the Scottish referendum campaign was the way that political parties and organisations of various persuasions came together to fight for a common cause. 429 more words

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Race, regionalism, and reconciliation are the three core issues that Dr. Peter Hammer talks about related to Detroit’s future plans and revitalization efforts. I agree with his assessment that the Detroit Future City (DFC) plan does not account for any of these frames, nor are any of them mentioned in the report. 1,852 more words


Albany re-connecting Falls to the Waterfront

By Joseph Kissel

Thank you, Robert Moses!

“The New York Power Authority evicted everyone who lived along the parkway, and then they built this obstruction to the waterfront,” said Congressman Brian Higgins of the 1950s megaproject with a checkered local heritage. 886 more words

Bob Duffy

European 'Union'?: the Era of separatist movement (1)

South Korea is usually considered as one of the most homogenous countries in the world with Japan. This is true as much as that the EU is considered as a miracle which peacefully and sophisticatedly binds the twenty-eight member states under one umbrella. 423 more words

What's New In EU?

Devolution, fragmentation and the end of the United Kingdom!

‘We’re all in this together’, the mantra expounded by George Osborne relentlessly over the past five years…though aimed at justifying the reduction of the deficit and the government’s austerity measures, it can also be seen as the Westminster view of the United Kingdom.  603 more words

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