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Zola Registry

Let’s speak wedding gifts for a moment, shall we? For one thing that includes gift giving, a registry can appear like it is the least customized element of the complete shebang. 27 more words

Women Ideas

Guaranteed rent in Lambeth | Uk Land Registry shows the average house prices now reach £439,000

Guaranteed rent in Lambeth | Peter Rolling of marsh & Persons, Commented London, where properties are in much high demand, continue to be a league of it’s own and unrepresentation of the UK property market as a whole. 43 more words

I'd Register My Wedding At _________ If I Could...

I was talking with a bride-to-be today and she said she would absolutely register at SkyMall if she could. I LOL’d thinking she was kidding, but it turns out she was serious! 24 more words


Error: Attempt to access invalid address

Had the above error regrading Adobe Reader.

Turned out to be EMET blocking the exe and any file associated with it.

Solution was to delete the file name from the following registry location: 13 more words


tuesday treasures {kitchen pantry - coffee}

How do you take your coffee? More importantly, what do you drink your coffee out of? When Brandon and I made our wedding registries, we had to make a decision on which coffee cups we wanted to fill our kitchen cabinet with. 123 more words


Katy’s Little One Registry Advice

Why is it that as quickly as you announce that you’re expecting, everyone has an viewpoint about almost everything? Everything, it seems, except how to register for the factors you’ll actually need to have as soon as baby arrives. 18 more words