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Musings Episode 54: Persistence...

Yeah, I know….this one’s up super late. This weekend was a little crazy, but I’d rather have delayed this post than offered up something inferior – after all, … 845 more words

Here is an old post (May 2013) from Sunil Saxena. I was attracted to it when Mr John Thomas posted it on Facebook page of our St Joseph’s College (Autonomous), Bangalore, for the benefit of students. 106 more words


Musings Episode 52: Desire.

Today has been a truly special day. I went out for the day to celebrate this blog, and my company Rego’s Life. Because as of today, this 52nd post, is an anniversary post – an anniversary marking… 1,295 more words

"Money isn't the...

Musings: Quote Wednesdays…

Just a little mid-week food for thought. ;) Hope everyone’s having an awesome Wednesday, and if you missed Business Tools Tuesdays now’s your chance to…

28 more words

A quick spell - Ward Against the Common Man

A quick shot new Ars Magica spell, which allows the caster to remain safe from mundane humans. Intended for those times the wizard wishes to sleep safely and soundly. 63 more words


A quick spell - - Curse of the Bloated Tongues

Another quick shot Ars Magica spell, for almost silencing a group.

Curse of the Bloated Tongues

Rego Corpus 10, R: Touch, D: Dia, T: Group… 87 more words


Musings Episode 50: Wants vs. Needs...

I want to share something very special with you all today…and it has to do with wants and needs.

Doing some studying over the weekend that mostly revolved around… 846 more words