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farrier tales & that time I accidentally Parellied my horse

I adore my farrier.  She is so great for me and Murray, and we blab and blab during our appointments.  We very much share the same philosophy for shoeing — do as little as you need to — and she explains everything to me in great detail so that I really feel like if she told me I needed to do something for Murray, I would completely believe her (perhaps this is the long con?! 803 more words


I Regress

When did it happen? Maybe it was the moment I knocked on the door for the second time and decided to walk away. Maybe it was when I decided to speak up at work and decided silence was the better option. 101 more words



Knowing your surroundings is a crucial part of life.

We live in a ‘fixed society’ where everything is within an invisible straight line. Change is risky and if there is any deviation (change), normally, it is for the wrong turn, the down fall. 177 more words


2014 review, month by month

I saw a yearly review in this style on a couple of other blogs and LOVED it. So here’s our year in review — what we did, how we did it, and sometimes, how we got there. 1,022 more words


humble keeping

I tricked asked a friend to take pictures of my dressage ride today, for feedback and comparison to earlier. I have next to no footage or photos of us doing dressage, which means that my learning is all based on feel.   637 more words



Vision is there along with bright colored promises and hope for what is to come

Time needs patience and pulls on the heart stings in ways that feels like it doesn’t belong… 30 more words