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Day 2: Student of Universe

It was six o clock in the morning and I had stopped pacing. My mind was in an uneasy state of calm, like something big was coming. 1,106 more words


Meandering Regression

Sobriety Day 81

“Will you marry me again?”

I asked that of My Bride not 15 minutes ago.
“What? What do you mean? We’re already married.” 954 more words


Fighting Back The Tears

I just got a phone call from my therapist I took the liberty of calling the university counselor and she said that because you’re in academic probation for a quarter, if you fail this quarter’s finals, you’ll be dismissed from school.”  236 more words

Save Her

A blank screen in front of her, all she wants to do is to convert her thoughts into words. What’s that? Its just her thoughts. It’s trapped in her head like a guilded cage. 207 more words


Every now and again I come across someone who cares for me, on paper at least, who quite frankly can’t handle the very idea of suicide or mania. 380 more words


Stata use: 회귀분석 (Regression analysis) [regress; test명령어]

이번에는 회귀분석(Regression analysis)을 살펴보자 [회귀분석에 대한 자세한 설명은 추후 다른 포스트에 올리도록 하겠다].

종속변수(Dependent variable)는 price이고, 독립변수(Independent variable)는 mpg, weight, foreign이다.

회귀분석의 출력문은 모델에 대한 통계치와 각 독립변수와 상수(constant)에 대한 통계 값도 출력된다.   37 more words


It's begun again

I am starting to (again) get angry at myself for making what I always deem as wrong choices (e.g., taking a different route to work and not sure it was any faster and maybe even longer….by 2 minutes). 548 more words

Irrelevant Until It Isn't