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Haiku 14

Stumbled, got hurt
Got lost,
Nobody came

alternate ending

The pain to know
the weight of time
the angst of rhyme
the pressure flow
the words 

describing tender
heart/mind bender
tripping rhythms
of life schisms

once upon a dream
with a twist at the end
unimagined stream
chapter verse rend

alternate ending

If I Knew Then What I Know Now..

… would I still major in Literature?  


I’ve almost completed my bachelor’s degree to the tune of a hefty sum of loan debt and now I’m stuck thinking to myself “what’s next?” Well… Rather, I’ve been asking myself… 256 more words


Torn a-part of him longs to stay
Yet memories insist
Time commands
Embezzled heart in regret
Of the blackest night
Hastening he turns his back… 13 more words


get the fuck over it

don’t ever be the fucking moron who waits around after he tells you that he “isn’t ready for a relationship.”


the truth of the matter is that… 215 more words

10 Things I Regret Not Doing In College

I’ve been out of school and in the “real world” for almost ten years now (which makes me feel incredibly old). While I try not to dwell on the past too much, because that makes me depressed, when I do look back, instead of reflecting on the glory days (whatever that means), I always focus on the things that I wish I had done.   1,396 more words