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Dialog de revedere

- Buna!
- Rea.
- Ce mai faci?
- Vreau sa mananc. Ma insotesti?
- Sigur. Nu am mai vorbit demult. Cum esti?
- Ce legatura are vorbitul cu mancatul? 547 more words

Let’s go back to fallen leaves on slick pavements.
To half-formed thoughts interrupted by hurried sips.
To the bitter nights that brought us together, brought us closer, … 115 more words


The Aftermath: Dealing with Mixed Emotions

As the Asia-World shopping center disappeared around the corner behind me as I headed towards the train station, I felt a ton of emotions muddle my mind. 309 more words


On Traveling: Part III

Aside from attempting to purchase / adopt / kidnap my friend’s child as our own (kidding but not kidding), Husband and I had other enjoyable moments during our trip: 599 more words

Breathing: It Isn't Always Easy.

     “Sometimes It’s Just Courage.”


       I don’t know if what I’m about to say will make sense, or if the words will even come out right, but there is one thing that’s been on my mind for a very long time and I don’t think I can even begin to understand the mess that has become of all my thoughts. 725 more words

It Would be Weird if I Didn't Miss You

I’ve started measuring my worth
In every boy
That’s ever come back

So after I left you
I just kept waiting
For that boy to text me… 61 more words

The Face of Adoption

The face of adoption is not one face, one story, or one view. I hate reading adoption articles because the writer almost always pushes their views as those of “adoptees in general.” I have found that adoptees are normally courteous to each other, but at the same time we often avoid one another. 69 more words