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A very powerful thing that affects everything in this world. Somehow as each day passes, I see what that person told me of it being what matters most. 82 more words


another slovenly day

today is my friend nathan’s birthday and he’s married to my 2nd oldest friend hane and hane is one of the smartest people i know and smart people are good to know and when me and hane met in college i was really into slovenly and then SHE got really into slovenly and once for the magazine i edited we went to their flat in san francisco to interview them and hane offered to drive both ways so i could get drunk. 950 more words

Day 24: Regret

Love does not a good relationship make.

He’d said this in the middle of our last fight. I hadn’t understood what that meant, thinking of it as complete nonsense until after the cloud of angry thoughts and emotions went away. 331 more words


A Few Things Left Unsaid

It’s uncanny how some words leave such a great impact on your mind and leave you totally dumbstruck. They settle down in the back of your mind and continue to play again and again. 1,598 more words


Ironically the attendance winners were all absent

The three winners names were all read out and they were congratulated for their 100% attendance but then it was realized that none of them were there. 266 more words


Regrets & Realizations

Since that seems to be the thought line of my posts here’s another.

Sometime ago I had an amazing friend whom I grew close to, this was of course before the guy I fell head over heels for, and she was the most amazing girl I ever got to know at that point in my life and I kinda fell for her. 789 more words


My mum asked me if I regret attempting to settle in Melbourne for a while... it made me think, but here's my response.

It’s not been sunshine and roses (metaphorically speaking- in a literal sense, there is some sunshine). And it’s no walk in the park. But putting myself around the other side of the globe with only distant relatives to provide a temporary crash pad has taught me more than I could have anticipated. 1,209 more words