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What If There Are No Second Chances?

I was just browsing the Internet when this picture caught my attention.
It was then that I asked myself:

“What if there are no second chances?” 211 more words



This is a story of a strong individual. Jumping over obstacles and breathing through the pain, this person has endured and kept up with the tests of time. 109 more words

Polymer Clay

no, there's nothing wrong.

I’ve let so much of myself get away from me
As we gathered together with
A meaningless fulfillment the body craved at the time
A distraction… 26 more words

Piece one

We spent the day together
Walking beneath the shade of the trees
Letting what happened happen.

But if nothing happened
It was okay.

The weightless feel of expectations gone extinct… 113 more words


Salut & Regret

In French, “salut” can be used interchangeably for “hello” and “goodbye”.  I thought it was a fitting title for my last blog post.

It always amazes me how time quietly ticks away and, before you know it, months have passed and sometimes, you’re back where you started. 286 more words



We need to be like Time,
never caring about others, so you’d always fly

Whether anot these words rhyme,
Time will not fail to pass you by


A Sling and a Stone

I walked away that evening

Finding in the grey of dusk

A slightly worn and dull sling

Nestled in discarded husk

At the corner of a street nearby… 57 more words