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POEM: If You Fall For Someone

If you fall for someone
You fall hard if no one’s there to catch you
And if your love is lonely
And there’s no one there to match you… 96 more words

Project Culture

At My Door, the Leaves are Falling...

To be honest, I had bigger crushes on others around the time it all started happening. I’m not going to give names, and they probably don’t know who they are. 339 more words

living a big juicy creative life


Thanks for the response, dear friend.  I wouldn’t want to embark on this creative journey without you!  This picture/quote stirs up many emotions for me.   351 more words

That Rings a Bell

I hear a coworker’s computer dings and notifications. They are a bluegrass theme. I have a post-traumatic flashback to when I was just leaving the military and was working my first “civilian” job. 212 more words

Music On Repeat Since Forever

The RH Factor feat. Stephanie McKay – Forget Regret

This has been my favorite song since I was sixteen. Sitting in the cafeteria with shitty headphones, I fell in love. Thanks E.


Turn back time

I am writing this status for you before bed time.
To you, my true love, my ex, my first boyfriend

We were in love
Then, 64 more words


An Open letter of my relationship regret

To whom it may concern,

If you are reading this you may think this is my first time writing this letter and to be honest I really wish it was my first time writing this letter, but in all honesty I have probably wrote a draft of this exact letter at least 30 times over just not knowing how to present any of my regrets to you or even if letting them out in the open would be a good thing. 693 more words