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It was already terrible

I thought I did everything right. I dated my husband for years, we got engaged, stayed engaged for 2 years while planning our or should I say “my” wedding because he actually didn’t care, bought our first house, had our first child, moved for a better job because I thought he wanted more time with his family instead of success, planned our second child, conceived our second child, and then it all fell apart. 773 more words


Lose it now, miss it later.

Go for what you want when the time comes instead of regretting all that you never did later on. Some things only come around once in a lifetime. 10 more words

week 302 ~ a song full of missing

a song full of missing
family friends far far
away from here we sing
again for those who are

family friends far far
from where we’d have them be… 94 more words


Dissonance at Every Turn

Due to current traffic conditions your route has been changed.’ These words, spoken in dulcet tones and with casual indifference by the in-car GPS navigation system, are surely the scourge of motorists the world over. 325 more words

Behavioural Living

Leave Nothing Undone.

For a few weeks now, I have had death on my mind. Mainly because a person in Hannah’s life has been really sick, and passed away last week. 366 more words

Snape Remembers: A Harry Potter One-Shot Fan Fiction

He rarely drank. He found it quite a nuisance to be out of control of his own will due to something as trifling as alcohol. Also, he was a teacher. 1,399 more words


Writing about regret

Regret is difficult. It causes all sorts of problems, and can easily get out of proportion.

You can say the same for writing about it. 19 more words

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