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One fine day

I’ve spent a lot of time lately wondering if I’m where I should be in my life. Am I in the right job? Should I be striving to… 244 more words


Tomorrow Bath 10K, 2014....OOPS!

Have you ever been told you have a bad memory? If you answer ‘No’, you probably have been told you have a bad memory, it just happens that you just forgot they said that. 456 more words


Somewhere Out There, Someone Regrets Letting You Go

Something borrowed but I bet that’s the one thing you’ve never considered.

That somewhere, someone is kicking themselves for letting you go. For never having had a chance. 753 more words


A Ghost Of A Memory (Short Story)

The passage from day to night went by without notice or fanfare. A grey sky bled away to darkness, the shadows deepened until they had swallowed the world, India ink spilling across dirty snow. 406 more words



Every morning, rushing over to school leaving behind a half-eaten breakfast, a breezy journey with recollections of what happened the previous day and high expectations of what could happen that day… Then a sudden surge of nausea on remembering my homework has been forgotten all about. 518 more words

Dealing with Regret & Shame

Regret and shame: the two pieces of recovery that are taking the longest to get over. Cyclically I torture myself for how I acted back then – so weak, so unsure of myself, so desperate for anything from him. 443 more words