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1/31/15: The Retiring Type

so faded

the handwriting seemed more

stain than intent


01/30/2015 - excerpt

Cordially civil, ‘tis to say,

“wishes unrealized; I’d not gotten my preferred way”.

Genuinely human, ‘tis to say,

“merciless unfeeling narcissistically narrow-minded hypocrites lead others astray, whilst their piteous victims haplessly obey”. 41 more words

Live Every Day

Yesterday, I was pulled into two different conversations where people were debating and defending whether they were “living to work” or “working to live”. The points were reasonable and amusing. 485 more words







In order to feel joy you have to express gratitude. It’s not possible to be joyful without feeling grateful.

Joy is also the scariest of all emotions to feel, because there is a part of you wondering, when things will fall apart. 275 more words

About Me

The Crazy is About to be Unleashed

My Tuesday started out as any other: Three cups of coffee, long work day, cooking dinner, and cleaning house. As I’m eating the lovely meal I prepared for my fam bam Mega douche texts me. 367 more words


For Elaine

(the whole world
became unbalanced
by the beast who
invaded your throat
spread like smoke
discreetly wound its
way through your
beautiful healthy body) 135 more words


Change is Coming!

Have you ever said, “I have no regrets”? If you have said it, then could you possibly be fooling yourself?

We all have regrets!  There are many people who would welcome the opportunity to have a… 220 more words