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A Step Behind, Almost There.

Downpour, despair.
A ugly society, despicable, utterly, brutal.
It’s easy to say : “it’s only a year, I know you can do it, sure you can. 417 more words

Devotional day 24--- A SECOND COUNTS

Text: Proverbs 23:12

Struck by the thunderous noise,

Everyone; running helter-skelter,

With no idea of exactly the nearest shelter,

And possibly could have by-passed one; amidst the unstable situation; 244 more words


Self- Imposed Misery

Sometimes, you really have to leave people in their own misery, and pray they will have sense enough to acknowledge their own faults, without playing the blame game. 57 more words

Haunted by Regret?

With Halloween nearly here, it’s time to talk about an emotion that can haunt the best of us: regret. Some of us live with large ghosts of regret that keep us up at night and disturb our days. 555 more words



Life is too short to be sad all the time, so laugh everyday, smile when you want to cry, love the ones that care for you, forget the ones that don’t, hang out with friends whenever possible, regret nothing because at one time it was everything you wanted, never backstab someone cause they will backstab you back, and just live life to the fullest because you only get one life.



Plan A ... what is it?

Everyone at some point in their lives has a plan of what their future will be like.

I wanted to be a fighter pilot.  So I studied and studied  and I fell in love with fighter jets and all things pilot, only I never could be one coz I am too big for the cockpit.   300 more words


How regrets are born

Even as I am beginning my life in university, I have still had moments where I see someone or something I develop a fascination with, but hesitate to pursue or interact with. 161 more words