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N : You coming home?
M : Nope.

N : God, why?
M : What’s the point of coming back home but there’s nothing left there? 330 more words

True Feeling

I will always have your back

I will always have your back-
In the end you always walk away,
So it’s the part of you I know the best.

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Do everything, regret nothing.
That used to be my life.
I had tons of fun with friends and family, went to quite a few parties and just had a really good time. 207 more words


Metaphorical Pockets

Be mindful what you keep in your pockets longer than you need.

Pockets filled with fear, grudges or regrets will only weigh you down.


Dear wordpress, I’m sorry I wasn’t writing for a long but I’m back with a sea of words. So here they go..!

There were things I wanted to say, but I remained silent. 13 more words


Post War

So there I sat at the Thanksgiving table looking around awkwardly as everyone said what they were thankful for. I furrowed my eyebrows as a specific family member looked pointedly at me as… 234 more words

Regrets. There is no possible way to eliminate them completely from our lives. Especially our lives now that are filled with multiple choices for every little minute decisions we take.

367 more words
Existential Angst- Perhaps?