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It's nobody's life except YOURS.

Have you ever heard someone telling you that you can’t do what you wanna do or what you want to be? That feeling of discouragement from other people, and then it’s like you always hear the same thing from other groups of people? 548 more words


Scattered Petals

We rested on a park bench and stared at the ground around us, each in our own thoughts. I watched as the spring breeze moved a lovely blanket of cherry blossom petals and others I could not name across the path and grounds in synchronous waves like a field of grain. 578 more words


#AtoZChallenge: My First Job


I never had a paid job in my adolescence. No seasonal jobs after school at the Dairy Queen or mall. But I did volunteer work at several hospitals. 576 more words


Farewell letters

I really miss handwritten letters. With dancing letters, few corrections, lines going up or down. Love letters with  a modest splash of the favorite perfume, that hopefully awakens memories of the receiver… 384 more words


I will be happy when ......

I will be happy when I am in a meaningful relationship.

I will be happy when I get that promotion.

I will be happy when I graduate. 306 more words

April 16, 2014

Above is a photo of me from around 1995 ish.  It’s off a Texas driver’s license. An ex-girlfriend of mine once told me that I resemble Winona Ryder in this pic.  199 more words