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Done Already :-(?

What’s this… it’s August 1st; already? yep summer is flying by so fast we didn’t even see it.

What I should have done is:

  1. Gone biking more often,
  2. 37 more words

Things I Wish I Had Learnt To Do

I regret not learning a few things when I was younger. I sort of tried to learn them but either life, fear or boredom got in the way. 466 more words

About Me

My Birthday

Today I am 17 and I am not sure how I feel about that. I don’t feel 17, I don’t feel like anything at all really. 249 more words


A pen and paper at hand

I am now lost for words that poured effortless before

There is nothing more to say

And their absence marked our imminent goodbye

Love And Relationships

Regrets of the Dying

I have stumbled upon another bloggers Facebook status, just a few short days ago. In simple terms, this person rather strumming guitars and drinking tea in the back yard rather than sitting at a cubicle for 8 hours a day. 989 more words




Step aboard.  Pick any seat. Sit down & close your eyes.

This is your break.  Before you break.  You didn’t pack, because there were no plans.   180 more words



A lot of people have a lot of regrets, you see. Some are overt and some are quite covert after all. Regrets can go to any measures, some obviously as tiny as having stolen a glance at what shouldn’t have been looked at and others as insignificant and nonetheless important as being pregnant with the baby of a man who was only meant to be a fling. 171 more words