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Today I totally realize how broken I am,

I have so many regrets in life…

I regret not studying well and not getting on the dean’s list when I graduated… 349 more words


Day 0460

I made a choice many many years ago not to regret my decisions. That I’ve kept this up for so long under the burden of unhappy happenings is quite surprising at times.  299 more words

Hard Candy Powder Keg Loose Eyeshadow 305 No Regrets

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Hard Candy Powder Keg Loose Eyeshadow. Pearlized powder; Ergonomic wand applicator with flared handle; Spill-proof tube with internal funnel; Loose pigment formula…. 9 more words

Cypher's regret

The Matrix is  surely one of the most groundbreaking and influential movies of all time  – as well as being a personal favourite. (I gave it a 9 / 10 on IMDb!) The eponymous matrix is an illusory, virtual world created by machines to keep humans docile and content whilst they farm the humans’ actual bodies as an energy source.  347 more words


My Inferno

If I could have the chance to erase everything that has ever happened with someone, would I take it?  I try to tell myself, “No.”  There has been some good things coming out of the whole thing despite not being able to properly hang out.   306 more words


Got Regrets?

In the Jewish calendar, Av is the month of “Terrible Things Happening.”

Given the fallible and fragile nature of human beings, those terrible things are often the product of human behavior. 190 more words

The Jewish Year


I don’t understand when people say ‘I don’t regret anything that happened in my life, it made me who i am‘. Bullshit 185 more words