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On-demand ride-sharing service Uber announced on its blog Wednesday that, since the launch of a limo service now in Beijing, users can hail an Uber from 100 cities worldwide. 79 more words


IRS Notice Offers Windsor Guidance to Benefits Plans

Earlier this month, the IRS issued Notice 2014-19, which discusses recognition of same-sex spouses in qualified retirement plans. The notice comes after the Supreme Court opinion of… 121 more words


Time to stop following defunct economic policies

By Anatole Kaletsky – Can economists contribute anything useful to our understanding of politics, business and finance in the real world?

The “old ideas that have been proved wrong,” including inflation targets, self-stabilizing markets, and rigid separation of monetary and fiscal policy, remain dominant where they are most dangerous — in the macroeconomic analysis of finance ministries and central banks. 21 more words


If Capital Grows This Fast, How Come Fortunes Disappear?


Capital in the 21st Century, Author: Thomas Piketty.

By Mark Gimein – 5 percent rate of growth routinely cited by Balzac… 183 more words


Pay Attention to Bad News or It'll Never Go Away

Security companies produce yearly reports highlighting the variations of ‘the latest’ threats and concerns that their customers are experiencing, concluding with suggestions of how their products are best placed to challenge and defeat the bad people in the world. 386 more words