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Dungeness Crab: The Undisputed King of Northern California Crustaceans

California’s Dungeness crab sport fishery opens statewide on Saturday, Nov. 1. Every year at this time, recreational crabbers set out in boats or go to public piers and jetties in pursuit of one of northern California’s most popular types of seafood. 494 more words


Regarding abortion clinics, suddenly high medical standards are not necessary...

Liberals are usually the one’s demanding ever more regulations in the name of ‘safety’ even if those regulations make services less available and more expensive. Yet these advocates of the initiation of force for the ‘greater good’, in the form of obsessive regulations, find their own policies come back to bite them, as Texas legislators enacted laws demanding clinics that provide abortions meet the regulatory standards of emergency medical care facilities.   160 more words

Countering UAVs

The use of unmanned aerial vehicles at football matches is not seemingly limited to Serbia, with numerous news outlets reporting an arrest in Manchester… 278 more words


The Problem with Liberals

Liberals have made our society ridiculous.

Employing their fanatical preoccupation with safety, liberals have piled truckloads of ridiculous regulations and safety measures onto our every day lives. 350 more words


Tattoos In The Workplace

So ITV raised a debate about tattoos today with the following:

“Should you be allowed to have your tattoos on display in the workplace?

Student teacher Charlotte Tumilty made headlines after she was sent home from school because her arms, neck and fingers had tattoos on them.

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Ambush marketing

Ambush marketing is defined as  —refers to the direct efforts of one party to weaken or attack a competitor’s official association with a sports organization acquired through the payment of sponsorship fees.  434 more words