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Book on Injuries, by Dr. Joshua P. Eldridge

Book on Injuries, Volume 1, Part 1 in the 4 part series.

Guidelines for using the RICE principles:  REST, ICING, COMPRESSION, TAPING

PART 1: REST… 206 more words


Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury - By Ben Serpell

In this lecture, Ben gave an insight into his experience as a rehabilitation practitioner and current researcher (PhD) on anterior cruciate ligament injuries. The presentation covered areas including knee anatomy and kinematics, risk factors, mechanisms, surgical repair, prevention and rehabilitation/return to play. 1,298 more words

Expert Lecture Review

War on Drugs an Epic Failure

The war on drugs has been an epic failure. Over the past four decades, the United States has spent a staggering one trillion dollars on the drug war. 388 more words

Mobility WOD Super Nova Review

Still foam rolling? Lacrosse balling? Toss it because this ball is the bees’ knees.

A bit of a background: I used to practice martial arts and dance way back when stretching was done on cold muscles… Forcefully. 367 more words


Distancing yourself from individuals with emotional and addictive behaviours

The first time you part ways with people that you had a deep and meaningful connection with, you’re going to feel pangs of both emptiness and loneliness. 1,679 more words

Addict... Things To Do

So… im an addict… and…┬áso are you.

Tonight I would like to share with you the things that I do as an addict in everyday life… those annoying little things that have become normal… for instance, perfecting a blog. 503 more words

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