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Exercise of the week: Supine knee extension stretch

This is a good, easy way to improve your knee extension if you are unable to straighten it all the way. You should be able to extend the shin so that it is in line with the femur (0 degrees of flexion). 109 more words

Interesting Things We Can Do In PT

From Drugs To Independence: The Men Of The L.A. Mission

Gabe Echeverria wakes up at 3:15 each morning to begin 4:30 breakfast preparations to serve the hundreds of Los Angelenos who come to the Los Angeles Mission  1,164 more words

Prosper supports British rock stars' successful campaign on lifting guitar ban in prisons

Visit Us at: http://www.prosper4.com

Policies on banning guitars and books from entering prisons were introduced last year to prevent assault occurring or drugs entering prison cells. 404 more words

Reintegration Puzzle Conference 2014

This tenth conference, organised by Deakin University, Singapore Prison Service, SCORE and the conference organising committee, will be held in Singapore from July 30th to August 1st 2014… 82 more words


The joy of anatomy

Can you recall the exquisite delight of your first anatomy class? The wonder and respect as you peered into a body and saw bits that could be linked to names and function; the muscles and tendons, nerves and joints that linked to the structure of your own body like a life-size jigsaw? 780 more words


Pain, where art thou?

Although on holiday it was a pleasure to try and give some reassurance to a lovely fifteen-year-old girl suffering from persistent, multi level back pain who had been advised to give up all sporting activities except swimming- she is a fit, vibrant, outdoor girl who loves to be active!  538 more words


Things to Consider During Your Myofascial Release Treament.

I had the pleasure and honor of attending John F. Barnes’ Healing seminar last month. This class is designed for both patients and therapists to attend, which meant I got a wonderful review of basic myofascial release principles. 771 more words

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