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Spotlight: REID

Obsessing over Dublin-based producer REID’s new work. Ethereal and utterly intoxicating electronic goodness, check out “Tarnished (Feat. Woman’s Hour)” and “Singapore”.

Mix a little Royksopp and Zero 7 up and you got some jamz.


Chapter Four

Two weeks after her accident, the door to Ellie’s room opened. Two people and a black rug entered.

“Oh my gosh! Stella! Reid! Misty! Wow, do you need to see the groomer or what?” The puppy danced around the room, sniffing at everything. 1,740 more words

Original Material

“Hope & Change,” and Other Orwellian Clichés

Candidate Obama promised hope and change without defining either. He received a Nobel Peace Prize for what he would do and he was hailed a political Messiah. 426 more words

Chapter Three

A jarring sound shattered her peacefulness. No! No, no, no, no, no! Ellie tried to get back to the quiet but a bright light hurt her eyes. 3,366 more words

Original Material

Chapter Two

One afternoon, toward the end of Ellie’s senior year, Reid caught up to her in the hall after one of her classes. She hadn’t seen him in several weeks although she spoke to Stella often. 1,702 more words

Original Material

DYC's Fave Beggin For Thread Jams

REALLY there isn’t much better in a week in the summer than to get new music from BANKS, Spoon, Jessie Ware and Cut Copy… 106 more words

REID ft Woman's Hour/Tarnished

REID‘s EP Fractures drops this August.  Stream a great track off of it Tarnished featuring the incredible band Woman’s Hour (if you haven’t checked out their LP… 10 more words