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Brahmin With Tuft In Lemuria Kumari Kandam

There are many views about the sunken continent of Lemuria, Kumari Kandam.

I have posted articles on this, Lemuria The Home Of Tamils,Tamil Nadu Not the Whole of Tamil Land,Lemuria Climate, Tamil dates over 50,000 years. 337 more words


Taking the veil

Veils have roles in many different religions and traditions, serving both cultural and spiritual purposes. Generally the veil is a female item, which means it raises questions about whether the covering of the face is in some way sexist. 431 more words


Being Red, Being White

Today we celebrate Canada Day.  I’ve always loved this holiday.  I’ve celebrated it in many and various places, but perhaps one of the most memorable was last year’s festivity.  591 more words

A Bit of Bible Belt Humor

I grew up in North Carolina right in the heart of the Bible Belt. We did not need to ask a lot of questions to get to know you, we only had to ask one. 1,186 more words


A Few Qiestopms In Need Of Answers ...

Some human antics continue to confuse us. For one, given that Western Judeo-Christian society has produced most of the technology that is moving life further into comfort and most of the wealth in sight that is not stolen, why are we so anxious to dump all those old patterns for the same ones that have impoverished the rest of the world? 235 more words