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Where does story Meditation through Performance Reiki Art began?

Based on my own spiritual path and paranormal experiences, I determined that my own legacy must grapple with the contradictions inherent to the preservation of ephemeral forms and it became clear that now was the time to create a legacy in a virtual and real world. 539 more words



Ορμώμενη από το βιβλίο «Ο Ιππότης με την ατσαλένια πανοπλία» (Ρόμπερτ Φίσερ, 1987) θέλησα να μοιραστώ μαζί σας το δικό μου ταξίδι -το οποίο συνεχίζεται, ευτυχώς– για να βγω από τη δική μου πανοπλία. 19 more words


Shamans in Today’s Modern World

I am pleased to have as my guest, on October 09 at 12:00 PM Eastern Time, Chief Charles Lightwalker who is a shaman with 36 years of practice.  150 more words


New Videos

New Videos

If you haven’t subscribed to our youtube channel yet please click the side chakra flowers picture! You will get instant notice of all new videos right when they get posted! 101 more words


Master of the Month: Jessica Filkins

Jessica Filkins  is a holistic heath coach, Yoga Teacher and Reiki Master.  Jessica believes that everyone deserves to be healthy and happy. Her mission is to share her gift for healing and her knowledge of nutrition and yoga with others. 1,165 more words

Soul Food

Reiki and Modern Day Diseases

Does Reiki Work

What’s Reiki

With regards to the globe of all-natural healing and methodologies that have come out from Japan, 1 has come into concentrate of late and numerous people have begun to question of Reiki and its history. 383 more words

Havin' a cuppa...

Its bloody cold outside.

When did summer leave? It feels as if the leaves began to change mid August. Wait… they did. Summer decided to end early this year… and though I would normally be totally bummed at this thought, I am searching for the positive in this situation (other than the fact that I have a beautiful 2 month old baby) 581 more words